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TWL Season 25 Winners

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  • TWL Season 25 Winners

    Thank you to everybody who participated in Season 25 of TWL. Big shout out to BIET, Qan, Markmrw, Willby, Beam, Dwopple, and LF for making sure we had another smooth and successful season.

    Congrats to Evil for winning both TWLD and TWLJ this season.

    Congrats to Ram Ranch for winning TWLB this season.



    7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.

    Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are

    1:Sika> "ezor" is #1

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    GG Ranchers


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      Good games. Thanks for giving up free time to organize a league for us even if Dr and twl is an odd combo.
      Geio> Down to chill and play that
      Best> rather log off and attempt to suck my own d


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        Congrats to the winners.

        And shoutout to Best on losing 8 straight years in TWL while simultaneously being a horrendous teammate and a major factor in Rapid falling apart.

        I'm not surprised to recently learn Mouse and Best are friends who meetup IRL constantly, as psychopaths are attracted to each other. Truly two of the most horrible humans to ever live. They constantly lose TWL and blame everyone else, while causing serious chemistry issues at every turn. While I'm sad our team lost, I'm beyond relieved to never have to play another season with someone who constantly tried to sabotage us at every turn all season and was the worst teammate I've ever played with in the 10 TWLB seasons I've played.

        gg to everyone else, and thanks to the ops for doing a great job and to my teammates for a good season.
        Winningest baser all-time (13)
        Most basing finals all-time (22)
        Most kills ever in a terr game (81-6)
        Best finals game all-time (61-2)
        Winningest 10*of all-time in star cap in any ship/league (3)
        Only terr to ever average 60 KPG in a season (60.3)
        Most consecutive TWLB finals all-time (8)
        Best playoff season of all-time (58.6-1.1)
        Best regular season of all-time (54.0-4.3)
        Most triple crowns --TWLB/TWDT-B/Cup at same time-- ever (3)


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            Zizu is Ogron's father.