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  • Hockey Zone - RSHL Season 30

    Unapproved lol

    I saw plenty of TW players interested by playing this huge zone, and good ones, and contrary of what Sir Commodo said, they are welcoming newbies. I'll do a little resume about this season that just started, explaining where there's free spots and for who. Level is as high as here, every players are welcome and I can ensure top players could enjoy it because it has a demanding gameplay as here, and is still subspace in a different manner. Here are the teams :


    Favourite of the season, lead by Zeppelin one of the most impressive player of the history, his boys Panda and d money, goalie CnM considered best player by many, and Rage, SubSpace best player. One free spot but only for a mascot ie. no play time unless there is no other solution. ixt is the kind of player that suit the role, maybe he could entertain this heavy army.


    Serious contender, lead by viop and always the same players, and newbie of the year Mobey in viop's first newbie recruitement in 10 years. Chemistry level is very high. One free spot and I think we can count on viop to recruit the next newbie of the year. Singer is the player that suit the best as he helped viop in TWL and has a MSHL experience.


    Also serious contender, season one champ and still here thirty seasons later, lead by image a player that show big improvements past seasons and by season one captain champ jalrix, 68 years old and still good. Helped by the one considered best defender cocain and the one I consider best defender Arcadian, Batman a serious goalie to secure the wall. One free spot and the hint to enter this team is to corrupt Doughnut. Monster players are the best suited as they are Doughnut's teammate.


    Seaman's clumsy atempt to win his first league in 20 years, also my team, could be a contender with few good recruits. We got Lawn Dwarf HZ best player and Thrill last MVP, we are builted for the win if we can recruit two TW good players. 2 free spots, the two best TW players interested by playing HZ, we got 3 newbies and 2 big losers to help, we need potential. I can't guess who would like to play HZ but if I had to pick two I would choose Ease the best and Rough as he entered the rink once recently and is a huge player and hall of famer.


    Leafy's betrayal of Seaman in his quest of first cup, help by the most decorated player ever Blucka, the team is under construction. 6 free spots, could steal TSM's place in future playoff if some TW top players like hulk or Commodo join it.


    Could also go in playoff if their legendary goalie Linix show, the team is lead by CMDROS, the two frenchs of HZ and an army of asian children, as our newly famous Flew. One free spot, for whoever learns a new rice recipe to Flew.


    Wont go in playoff unless a big feat, the new team of this season lead by Ellis D and by TW warbird master RaCka, who lead the offence on an inferior team. 2 free spots, are welcoming to newbies and every good players that likes RaCka and vice versa could join this team.


    Reigning captain champ Boogie in an other attempt to form HZ newbies. No free spot, fortunately for you because he is a rapist (real story), black, and an attention whore.


    Weeze's magic team full of season one players. This is an historical season. No free spot for newbies.

    Free Agency

    ne1 w/ atleast .01% of tisticle shud apply dis instint, cud do a 10th team if apil.

    And here are how to apply to a team :

    -enter Hockey Zone
    -type ?signup [your password]
    -open this website and connect :
    -go to a team page and apply to it

    Next season is draft, TW allow newbies thanks to a ratings system while HZ allow newbies by forcing each team to play each of their player at least 1 period per game. HZ players came for this TWL and the result were interesting, I think we could do the opposite.
    Trasher> lol hellrazor

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    This is hilarious considering Hockey Zone faggots tried using tactics like trying to get the admin to fuck with TW for hosting hockey to often and trying to force us to remove hockey from TW and not allow us to use the same settings less than a few years back. It appears your faggotry has left you in the sad state of begging for players from other zones like I said would assuredly be the case if you utter dipshits took that route. But of course such is the fate of so many of the zones that refused to consolidate players in a single zone and ended up quickening the demise of the game. Too fucking proud to merge zones and give up pathetic power in a 20 year old game.
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      I agree with you however I have nothing to do with choices that have been made and did this thread independently.
      Trasher> lol hellrazor