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CTF: Twin Peaks Infantry Online formerly known as [Infantry Zone]

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  • CTF: Twin Peaks Infantry Online formerly known as [Infantry Zone]

    Hey guys, how you doing? Once in a while I'll be in the subspace zone playing trench wars but mostly in hockey zone from sunday - thursday usually if there's a game. Anyways there's another game I play which called Infantry Online formerly known as Infantry Zone. Anyone remembers? We'll be hosting some pub games at 10PM EST every Tuesday night. Come and join the fun! The setting is like subspace but instead of subspace it's Infantry for those who haven't play the game. I support both Subspace and Infantry and the population is not near it once was in 2000 but hey enjoy it before it dies. =)

    Here's the video footage of gameplay below.

    download the game at

    See you guys in Twin Peaks 10PM EST every Tuesday Night! Spread the message!

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    There's also USL Infantry too. The video footage below.

    Any other questions, let me know! Thanks!


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      Just a reminder for everyone tonight. Login at 10PM EST today. Should be a game running tonight so see you there.


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        how do u play this lol


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          Did you download it? Should work like subspace. The settings are like subspace. You gotta change it to keyboard options and bind your keys.


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            Heres the gameplay last week. Plays like trench war ctf.


            Will be on tonite at 10pm to host another game.

            see you guys there.


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              ok i'll check it out soon, lots of crazy been going on you know Infinite-H


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                Will host tomorrow nite. Show up you trench wars folk. Try something different! Calling out turban and pressure and jamal lol.