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Craziest shit you've ever done/seen in a classroom?

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  • Craziest shit you've ever done/seen in a classroom?

    Here are my stories:

    we had this one old teacher that was like 4 feet tall and we used to sneak up behind her and measure to see who was taller
    anyway i tried and she caught me and grabbed me by the neck and said sit down little boy blue

    this one chick would wear just like a vest and we would walk by her sideways and look at her titts
    but we got caught and she wore a sweater under for the rest of the year

    some guy punched this chick so my buddy threw a desk at the guy and punched him out and broke his own hand on the guys head

    these 2 guys were fighting by my desk so i stabbed the one guy in the ass with my pencil and almost got suspended and they got nothing for fighting

    lotsa people would light desks on fire

    my buddy broke a buncha test tubes and put them where the thermometers are and the teacher almost cut herself and blamed me and said she was gonna charge me

    one guy in welding filled a metal box with acetlyne and then lit it with a torch and all you could hear was this huge bang. i went back there and the guys face was all black and so were his coveralls . i asked him what he did but he couldnt talk he was in shock of seeing his live flash before his eyes. the teacher went and got him and told him to go to the washroom and check his pants

    we had this one like snack bar in our class where students worked and this one kid stole 75 bucks outta the teachers money drawer and went and bought like 30 bucks in gum balls and went to the arcade at lunch and gave everyone money
    he was caught and had to pay it back

    this one chick had her purse on the floor and some guy kicked it and her tampon fell out and the teacher asked her if it was hers and she was so embarrased and denied it was hers
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    Some other ones

    my teacher had been teaching the pythagorean theorem, and when he had taught it, he always said "remember pythagorous is your best friend, he'll always save you when you're in trouble" or something to that effect. Later that year during the math 30 final a kid from my class stands up and yells "Save me Pythagorous" i still think i would have done better on that exam if i hadn't been laughing so damn hard

    Grade 9 - Teachers and students begin to find the boys bathrooms getting vandilised with poo. Someone is taking a shit then putting it in their hand and writing "THE POO BANDIT" on the wall. This goes on everyday in random washrooms through-out the school, and no one can figure out who is doing it. About 3 months later after it has happend over 60 times... the teachers set up a sting and catch the "poo bandit" while he is doing his crime. The kid is expelled, and the teachers hold a meeting to tell each other who the kid is, and not to tell the students who it was.

    when i was in grade 4, i did something,(can't remember what, but it was probably stupid) and i got sent to see the vice principal, who whacked me across the hand with one of those pointer things. when i got home, my dad asked me what happened to my hand, so i told him. the next morning, my dad took me into the vp's office, grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the wall. he told him if he so much as blinked at me again, he'd rip his throat out. so, the cops came to our house and questioned my dad, but he denied it.
    the vp didn't even look at me the rest of the time i went to that school.

    I was in electronics class and my teacher asked the students to test their strength to see if they can break this plastic box.
    The teacher gave the box to this fat asian kid to see if he could break it. The fat guy was trying so hard to break it, his face was all scrunched up. then one kid yelled out 'hes tryin to masturbate!'
    ...the teacher then kicked him out of the classroom


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      last year my friend took my $50.00 bill and scanned it into the computer at the computer lab and printed it. at lunch he tried to get the lunch room lady to break it and give him 2 20's and a 10 but she knew it was fake and he got put on probation and a week in In School Suspension. luckily he didnt tell on me.

      that one about the "poo bandit" is fuken helarious


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        One time we was in maths wiv mr corrigan, he was a fat hairy guy wiv a smalls hirt that showed his bum and tum. Anyway in class the door was opened and some kid ra n in, threw a snowball at his back then legged it ^_^


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          A couple of freshman girls set our bird sanctuary on fire.

          A kid overdosed on caffiene pills. 3 days later, his friend also overdosed by taking an entire bottle of them with coffee.

          A bunch of seniors with three days left until graduation got caught drunk on the head of school's lawn.

          A senior attended one of the huge school dances in a ski mask carrying a camera shortly after the Columbine stuff. He got put on probation for "Poor Judgement"

          A friend of mine was brought before the Discipline Commitee for "Excessive of Charges". These included carrying a pocket knife, hiding in the ceiling, showing up to sports in hiking boots, and sleeping outside in the snow.

          Brian Henson (Jim Henson's kid) gave a lecture at our school, and one of the teachers asked him to sign her breast.


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            I am the Poo Bandit.


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              We staged a walk-out to protest the teacher union's work-to-rule actions. Someone pulled the fire alarm and everyone walked out On the football field where most of the students went, there was a text book bonfire and a 100-person game of "Duck-Duck-Goose".

              But I'm glad I'm not at Shadow's school. I wouldn't be able to stand it.


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                Me and a few friends slipped laxative into a kid's drink when he got up to buy the rest of his lunch. It said only to use a teaspoon...we poored in half the bottle.
                when he came back and drank some, he was wondering why it tasted funny, so we told him we slipped sugar and salt into it...He said that it made it taste better so he drank the rest of his drink untill finally some other kid from another lunch table told him.
                He was threatening to go tell the principal but we convinced him that chocolate was supposed to slow down the laxative process...So we gave him chocolate laxative...Yet again, only 2 was needed to activate the laxative and he ate 9 of them. When he ran out of his class to go to the bathroom, the faculty made him take a drug test.
                Supposedly he crapped his pants on the bus ride home.
                Me and my friends had the choice of getting suspended or having 5 saturday detentions, so we picked the saturdays.
                That was our main claim to fame...if you ask nitti about it, he'd probably crap his pants remembering about it.

                Another thing we did, although not as funny, was when me and my friends pissed on a kid's toothbrush during an over-night school trip. It was all yellow and wet...and the kid STILL used it.

                Of course there are many other stories, (such as starting food fights when our school was hosting a debate with all other new jersey schools having 2 representatives in white shirts over) but I don't feel like telling my life story :/
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                  Back in my Senior year, right before I graduated we decided to do something so funny that it would make everyone laugh in the entire school as a way to say "fuck you" because the principle was such an asshole. (It was a small school, about 400 kids). My friend and I did some espionage, and we went over the principles house every night, kept going, lookin' through the window and waited until they were havin' sex. I brought my Camera with me and took a picture that showed some bush. We were almost caught, but we took off fast and were wearing dark clothes. So I finally get home, and scanned it on my computer, and blew it up. Brought it to school and I waited until school was over, me and my friend hid in the ceiling (they were removable tiles in the classrooms) until 10:00 pm, when the night janitors finally left and the place was locked, we went into the server administrator room, and we transfered the picture to each computer in the entire school (I had to network each one together), we stayed over night at the school (we brought food and everything, even sleeping bags which we put in our lockers) and waited until early morning. That morning we jammed ourselves into the server room, and locked it so no one could get in, then when the first bell rang, we opened up the picture in each computer. For 4 seconds there was a moment of silence, and then you could hear hundreds of kids laughing, and some rushing to the bathroom pissing their pants. We quickly unlocked the server room and ran out, and went to the office to act like we were tardy, and we never got caught. After school was over that year, the principle who had worked over 20 years there quit. I still get friends who e-mail me and people I don't even know saying thanks.
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                    all i got out of your post:

                    Originally posted by Ruby
                    I graduated... because... My friend and I... were havin' sex...
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                      I've seen an entire class walk out on one of their final exams two minutes after it started, because some idiot substitute teacher had been "teaching" them the wrong subject matter the entire semester.

                      Haven't witnessed alot of practical jokes though
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                        Originally posted by triceratops
                        all i got out of your post:

                        I feel sorry for you.
                        I fucking own you in the warbird, shut the fuck up.


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                          Funny how people are so proud of being complete assholes


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                            in third grade there was this girl who wasnt completely there. whenever she had to go to the bathroom, she would stand up and run out of the classroom full speed. one day, as she was running by the teacher he picked her up and twirled her around in the air and said "ITS A CARNIVAL RIDE HAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

                            in 9th grade my friend stole 10 valiums from this old guy his mom took care of. him, my other friend and i took 2 each, but the other guys, upon noticing that they didnt work right away, took 2 more without telling me. one period later in band, one of them fell asleep during a lecture about how we had to be responsible and then woke up at the part where the teacher was talking about paying bills, he yelled out "i pay my own bills" and then laughed and fell back asleep. then in science he went to the nurse and he threw up on the door on the way out and then just left. and in history which was next period, my other friend told me "hey we took too much i feel sick" he told me that 3 separate times and then as he was going to the nurse he worte me a not that said the excact same thing

                            some guy i used hang with did lines of coke in class off his binder. then at lunch he freebased crack.
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                            Originally posted by Yoshiba
                            i lag when i smoke weed


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                              WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU PEOPLE GO TO SCHOOL????? Jesus... some of that shit is really... really stupid. Nothing crazy really happens at my school probably due to the fact that most (I say most because there are some people who shouldn't have gotten past 4th grade) of the people in my classes are mature. Our senior prank was pretty crazy tho... some people cemented a tree in the middle of the football field on the 50 yard line... good stuff but whatever. Jesus weird ass schools.
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