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GUN CONTROL: Guns really don't kill people, its magic

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  • GUN CONTROL: Guns really don't kill people, its magic

    You know, it's not the gun that kills people, it's that magic thingy that flies out of the barrel with terrrrrible force and furrrrious anger (think Samuel L. Jackson here), punching misshapen holes in soft piggy flesh.

    So I think that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, on a serious note, is a good thing. Because without a gun, my furious and terrible magic thingys would just sit on top of the kid's toy chest collecting dust. They would never get to fly like the birds, fly like the eagles, fly like the great condors of the Southwest. And that would be a shame.




    Thanks for listening.

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    hahaha! periods...annux...make fun of....oh shit!!..

    (proper sentances)

    Well, I for one am totally against any kind of anti-gun laws!

    For one thing it's way too late for them to do anything about controlling the rampant violent crimes in this country. Especially those that involve guns.

    If there's a way around the system now what makes them think that there won't be a way around it in the future?

    Look, just because some jackasses decide to go shooting kids in schoolyards and shooting the neighbors wife doesn't mean that you have to get rid of the shit totally. I mean, if there was a massive outbreak of murders with spoons would they outlaw spoons? Yeah spoons is a little outrageous but think about it, what good is it gonna do if they outlaw guns? You can just as easily stab someone
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      There is no need for private ownership of handguns since statistics have shown that they take more lives than they save.

      Once again, this is a cultural situation. I don't know a single person/family that owns any firearm in NY suburbs. However, if you visit the South, you'll see preteens that carry pogs in their gun holsters.

      At this point, even if there was legislature passed regarding guns, it would be pretty much unenforceable. It's become so accpetable at some parts of the US, that they sell guns at K-Mart.


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        Originally posted by Annux
        There is no need for private ownership of handguns since statistics have shown that they take more lives than they save.
        Agreed. I don't have any real distaste for gun owners, partially because I can understand people who find enjoyment and relaxation in sports such as trap shooting. However, I can't understand the "suburban warrior" who tries to justify his "need" to own an AR15 A4 fully-automatic carbine with laser sight and kung-fu grip (tm) for weekend hunting trips.

        I don't really understand sport hunting either, but that's a whole other story. (Yes, I know it's necessary in some cases for controlling animal population, so don't feel the need to respond with a condescending reply.)

        The second amendment was drafted in a completely different time, with a completely different atmosphere. The US now has a standing Army.

        PS - This was a troll, wasn't it CK? Naughty, naughty.
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          Owning a gun or rifle is totally useless.
          And the fact that every fucking idiot can legally own one in some states (or is that all states?) of the USA confuses me.
          Enforcing gun control, in my opinion, would be a critical step in stopping serious crimes before they can take place.
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            Some people feel that by the Government saying "you can't arm yourself," you're losing a freedom and a way to protect yourself from foreign or local enemies. What was the first thing Hitler did when he came to power? He forbade ownership of guns and had them confiscated.

            I understand their point of view, especially if they come from the Conservative South (who's culture is almost entirely different from the more liberal North East).

            I can understand where they're coming from, but in the modern day -- it's simply unneccessary.


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              Right, all that "right to protect your home" bullshit doesn't fly with me. Like you said it's completely unneccesary and infact causing more problems then they prevent.
              Also, for protection I trust in, and rely on my government. Maybe that's a little naive, but I see no reasons not to.
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                I'll be the Devil's Advocate for the sake of argument;

                What if the Government turns on you? What if there is a need for Revolution? What if the Government is not doing a well enough job of protecting you? What if you feel threatened by outside forces that can't be intercepted by the government?

                These people feel that they have a God-given right to protect themselves, their families, and their households to the best of their abilities. Who's to say they're wrong or right?


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                  But owning/carrying a fire arm give you a great measure of power and most people can't handle the responsibility that has to come with it. I absolutely hate fire arms (real ones, virtual led neer hurt anyone, right? ) and I don't feel a need to own one.
                  I really can't judge what I'd do in times of war, but I think I can safely say I wouldn't lunge for the nearest gun to go smoke me some baddies.
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                    If you were black and lived in the Bronx, you'd feel differently.


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                      Doubt it, I'm just not the violent type
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                          true there really is no need for any kind of fully automatic weapon in the world and you don't need to own 50 million frickin weapons either.

                          But, if you're not one of those gun toting raving psychotics then I see no reason to outlaw guns. Just because a bunch of retards that can't control their temper decide they have to shoot someone doesn't mean that you have to take weapons from the people that don't have that kind of background. That's kinda dumb but that's how I see it.

                          There's a reason why guns take more lives than they save BUT that's because more than half the gun related incidents they're not exactly intended to save lives now are they. Gun control laws will not work! It's been way too well established in our culture to do anything about. I live in Wyoming and this place is full of sawd off carryin rednecks that would start a civil war if you tried to take their guns. Shit, I have a friend who's dad has over 200 guns easilly. He collects most of em but good god! How many guns do you need. There should be a restriction on the number of weapons you can have but you can't take them completely away.
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                            Originally posted by Annux
                            In College
                            what college?
                            Originally posted by Yoshiba
                            i lag when i smoke weed


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                              The good one.