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    Originally posted by Rab View Post
    The apt auction seems flawed. Surely all caps should immediately bid their entire balance as they expect no other use for these space bux? The caps who made purchases before the deadline automatically lose as their balances are lower, so they would not want additional auctions after the deadline. The caps who have the maximum balance are all in a draw situation resolved by a randomised result. Can be resolved by giving all teams the maximum balance / randomising between all of them, but it still feels a bit scuffed.

    Surprising amount of money remaining too, would be interested to know why caps didn't engage with auctions.

    Money remaining doesn't match auctions won.
    Well seeing as most people would probably consider it a negative to have APT on their team, maybe they are bidding to NOT have him on their team.


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      $50 for apt


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        It has been 48 hours since the last bid post (Friday) of my $15. at 5pm est. violence posted at 8 pm est sunday. technically, I should win the player right?
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          $1 apt