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    TSL & Basing Cup schedule here.

    Click the Basing Cup tab in the google sheet to see a more in-depth and specific schedule.
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    Schedule Changes!

    Thanks to some bot coding from BIET , we can now change the Race to x minutes on the fly, allowing us to adjust the time limit based on showrates.

    If we have good showrates on weekdays, the schedule changes slightly and games are upgraded to Race to 15 minutes.

    If showrates aren't great but we're ahead of schedule, we can increase the next games to Race to 12 minutes.

    This allows us to better cater to the player base as people prefer longer games to shorter ones.

    Make sure your team shows up at 8:00pm EST regardless of whether the Race to 10 Schedule has you slated for an 8pm game or not, as a good showrate means all 6 teams play at 8:00pm EST.

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      too annoying updating 2 schedules, deleted the basing cup-only one.

      TSL & Basing Cup schedule is the only official schedule, check the basing cup tab for specifics.
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