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  • TSL Projections, Notes, and Updates

    The TSL & Basing Cup schedule has been updated here.

    I've linked a screenshot of the remaining schedule below.

    We've added a Saturday blowout special that should help euros (and others) polish off their final TSL scores.

    Remember you need to finish Top 10 and hit $500 to get on the arena graphic. $500 is extremely generous (it should really be $550)... no excuses.

    TSLD has been okay. I'd say the level of competition is worse than Season 1, on par with Season 2, and better than a weak Season 3 in WB. This season had the potential to have the GOAT wb TSLD season, but Ease, Creature, Best, Flew, Siaxis, beam, Sprackle, Bike, and Tripin haven't bought in and played enough, which is disappointing. vys/Saiyan/lockdown making their debuts, along with TSL-heads Iron Survivor/dak/ogron/Spezza playing lots, has made it passable.

    TSLJ has been less inspired, and the Top 10 are projected to have over $500 less than the Top 10 TSLD players. The lack of Ease and zidane is noticeable after they dominated Seasons 1 and 2, but without Ease/Zidane/Turban/Rough (the 4 best javs of all-time) it definitely hurts. Commodo/Stayon/Saiyan/Steadman/Temujin entering the fray thankfully keeps the league afloat as they're all monster javs.

    Here are the current projections for the final standings based on current scores and rate of play:

    Only 2 players are in the $700 Club in warbird: Iron Survivor and Racka. Saiyan appears on pace to become the third.

    The $600 Club has 5 members: Ease, Geio, ogron, Tripin and Doughnut. vys is on track to become the sixth.

    There's only one player in the $700 Club in jav: zidane, who did back-to-back seasons.

    Nobody is even remotely on pace to join him.

    There are four players in the $600 Club: Racka, plus the trio of Kado, 24, and Major Crisis... all in season 3, all in the Envy crew together... hmmm lol...

    Commodo and Saiyan are on pace to join them in Season 4.

    Please do not host bonus TSL on Mondays and Fridays... they're rest days. We've run into burnout issues with players in past TSL seasons, who then quit the game. We already host enough bonus rounds on scheduled days, and there's a massive Saturday blowout added on top of everything, players have plenty of TSL games to look forward to already.

    Revised Schedule:

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