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regular season and playoff schedules (with few variants)

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  • regular season and playoff schedules (with few variants)

    Tentative starting date is March 24th for Round 1. We will be rolling out more information in the coming days.

    In the link below you can find different schedule variants we are considering for this season as we have prepared a couple alternatives. We will select which one will be used depending on amount of participating squads, and might even include 9, 11, or 12 team schedules in case there is a sudden need for it.

    We will post the final schedule on a later date. If you spot any errors or have further questions, do not hesitate to ask a TWL operator for help.

    TWL Schedule Variants
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    Here are example of both regular and playoff schedule featuring 10 teams in TWLD. All times will be predetermined as leaving scheduling to captains has never worked in the past. These times are set to EST/EDT time zone.

    Head-to-head information will be displayed here. Eventually replaced with scores of the match and will add league standings:

    Playoff schedule for 10 teams. 8 teams make it to the playoff stages with bottom four being in lower bracket, and top four being in upper bracket.

    Last match of the lower bracket is a best of three series.


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      I'm never sure about a bye week for the #1 seed before the final - history has shown this negatively affects that team as activity around late regular season/playoffs tends to dip off quite a bit, so slight rust sets in.

      Appreciate the answer to this is to dd more, but TWD activity tends to drop off so there is barely anyone to practice vs anyway. However, can't always look to the past.
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        It is worth mentioning that most issues regarding TWD activity have been tackled with the introduction of borrowing, however it is still up to the players to log on and stay on top of their game and we feel one week without playing iin competitive leagues is hardly detrimental to assuming you still log on once in a while to play. Additionally we are also not locking players on TWD rosters for the duration of the league which was the case in previous seasons.
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          no preseason for squads to fig shit out first?

          edit - love the double elim playoff bracket tho


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            We could have a week of preseason to test things out as it gives an extra week for teams to prepare, to sort out their lineups and other potential issues considering there have been some major changes to the league structure. This would also give us an extra week to some of the more recent changes to basing.

            I will ask participating squads what they think of bringing back preseason for this iteration of the league as there's still some confusion regarding lineups etc.