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Twl on tonight or not?

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  • Twl on tonight or not?

    Hi can we make a decision about twl tonight?
    Irons gotta travel to make the game
    Vys has got the shits and needs to know if he can stay in bed (or on the shitter)
    I will need to leave work early to make the games with a excuse of somekind.

    and thats just monster
    British> my 18th tomoz $$
    Sol ^> 18 and scouse, so that two kids you have by now, brit? :)

    i.d.> I just farted and shit myself alittle bit

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    Sounds like monster needed a vacation lol. You kept your job, Iron saved gas money, and Vys? bowels got much needed R&R...


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      Agreed 100%

      edit: Oh I thought this was about this weekend. Should still make a decision
      lemar> im seriously gonna get someone to hack your name and disolve that shit sqd of yours