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TWL is bad for the community

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  • TWL is bad for the community

    I think if you took away TWL, and left TWD as it is. TW would be better off (from a community-building point of view).


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      And what are your reasons for having this opinion? Need some facts/insight/more information
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        Yes, lets take away the main goal of TWD, remove all high level competition, and remove the reason probably 80%+ of vets still play this game. I like to play devil's advocate a lot, but I don't even see one positive outcome to getting rid of TWL.

        If anything, there should be even more competitive leagues for people to play in.
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          one positive outcome: consolidation of development effort


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            One positive outcome: TW will finally be dead.
            All good things must come to an end.


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              We all know there are only 2-3 real contenders for each league. This will always be the case, because people arrange themselves in squads to that effect. It means you have to choose between having a squad that's pleasant to be in, and a squad with people who'll get you a medal. Note that I'm not just talking about a few vets - this game is in serious trouble - we need to be thinking about what's better for EVERYONE.

              Imagine if we created an environment where it was fun to compete in TWD. If most players competed in TWD for fun. Draw parallels with the StarCraft2 ladder if it helps you imagine my vision.


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                Scenario 1 (Now): I tell my friend about TW. He can't get a squad. He goes 10-100 in pub and quits.

                Scenario 2 (Ideal): I tell me friend about TW. He gets invited to join a Bronze league squad. He has a great time playing with other squads of a similar skill level. He invites his friend.


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                  Then you don't throw away TWL

                  what you do is revamp the TWD Ladder system so that there's a TWL in three separate league ladders like Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

                  Then you have a Best of the Best league where you combine bronze, silver, and gold for the ultimate championship.

                  It's not throwing away TWL you want, it's expanding it.
                  All good things must come to an end.


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                    As a bit of an 'out there' idea - what if players were automatically placed in squads when they start playing?


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                      they'd be pubbers with squad tags.


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                        i like the bronze/silver/gold thing, sounds a whole lot better than "amateur league" whoever thought of that name is retarded


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                            Originally posted by megaman89 View Post
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