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    For discussions sake I dug up what other greats have said about this topic in the past. I will not put them in quotes because I dont want them to be in italics. first up Escalate:
    People move up and down from day to day in wb, theres no way you can rank ppl like that. Besides, everyone's rankings are based on legend more than current skill, I can tell because 1.5 years ago I was sharper than I am now and I wouldn't have been on hardly anyone's list, but now I'm moving into the top 15. This is the only way to rank that makes sense (excluding myself, in no particular order, and based on how good they were at their prime although i cant help but favoring players who have been good for a long time a little bit):

    Tier I (Spaceship Gods):

    Tier II (Legends):

    Tier III (Elites):
    Deez nuts
    Death Row
    Mega Newbie
    + about 5-10 more im forgetting

    Tier IV (Good players):
    + probably 15-20 more, you get the idea of this skill level

    Tier V (People that dont matter):
    Everyone else
    Im going to go off of escalates categorization and make a list, excluding myself. This goes way back when TW Elites was still around. My perspective is a top-down, since i've seen it all, from day 1 of TWDL to the current TWLD, based on Primes in their era, not currently

    50-20 Crew (Tier 0)

    Childrn of Light - LAME (Leader of LAME)
    Booyaa - TW Elites (arguably the best player on TWE at the time even though i beat him 10-3 in a duel to get in lol)
    Higgus - TW Elites (Starter on TW Elites)
    Phalanx - LAME (only player ever to beat me 2-0 in a duel back to back)
    DawnerZ - TW Elites / OBSidEON (Lag rusher, was unstoppable)
    Win95 - LAME (Starter on LAME)
    Sika - -Final- (been dominant since Elusive generation #2)
    Banzi - (part of fearsome 4 on SiEGE)
    Blood - (part of fearsome 4 on SiEGE)

    Legends of TW (Tier 1)

    Ncrawler - LAME (Starter on LAME)
    Droog - TW Elites / FRAKTURE (Leader of FRAKTURE)
    Jack - Elusive / FRAKTURE (me and jack used ot duel for an hour for one match, got really intense)
    Epinephrine - Elusive (Captain of Elusive Generation 1)
    Static Burn - Elusive (Elusive Generation 2)
    Sudden - (ELusive Generation 1)
    Dead on Arrival - Elusive / Defcon1 as Chloroform
    Raspi - got really good on -Final-, but he started out in SiEGE
    Dynasty - SiEGE (part of the fearsome 4 on SiEGE)


    Demonfaze - Syndicate
    Escalate - Syndicate
    Ruby - Light (he was dominant for a short-period of time)
    Fireballz - Syndicate / Rampage
    Vihta - -Final- (breakout season on Elusive Generation #3)
    Jeraden - SiEGE
    RevT - Starter on Elusive Generation 1

    Excellent, Solid Players

    Deez Nuts - Syndicate / Venom
    Death Row - -Final-
    Hype - SiEGE (season 1)
    Poozzman (Elusive gen 2)
    Zeno (elusive gen 2)
    Damage Inc. (TW elites)

    and after this just combine Escalates Tier 3 and 4 into my excellent, solid players category.

    But yeah, thats my list, left out a lot of players, but i do remember the old farts back in the day compared to these young new stars.

    It would honestly be interesting to see what racka and ease have to say personally. I remember blood from when I just started to play elim. Me and my irl friend made a point not to ever enter his screen or we would die. Sure I got better after and would not die so easily but there has never been a single warbird since then that I was sure would kill me.


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      I think I can honestly say that many of those older players on Fieryfire's list would be average at best if they played in the past 10 years. Most of those 'Tier 0/tier 1 Players' were nowhere near as good years later (if they still played) than guys on the lower tier. It just shows that many players got better and far exceeded the original WBs that were 'good' at a time when the overall skill level was lower. While there were many more players, they didn't play for nearly as long accumulatively as those who played in the past 10 years. Time adds skill.


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        Lol Jones that was one of the worst posts of all time. Just cause some nubs won season 1 when everyone was ass doesn't make them god tier. Look at players like blood, epinephrine, rule and many more nubs who got raped for years


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          ignore previous post
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            So.. i was on a phone and didnt see the quotations, ill redirect my insults to fieryfire (15x twlj loser)


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              But has anyone of those wbs been banned for cheating when not cheating. I broke the WB game that hard they got rid of me during my peak and spent 2 years trying to fix the damage, for me to come back and break it again. RIP to all those players fingers during the 2005-2010 period.

              OK back to retiring


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                Lews Therin , is an ( Honorable mention)
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                  I could beat most of these, but OK, list isn't too awful.


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                    Originally posted by Rab View Post
                    I could beat most of these, but OK, list isn't too awful.
                    I vote Rab and his 26k wooden modem


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                      Originally posted by Jones View Post
                      2003 was season 6. Sika didn't play that season, vihta was season mvp. Rampage went 10-0 in regular, I think they had Burnt, Ripper, Blood, Weaver and uhh someone.
                      that would be me, tho i was inactive the second half the season. ceased playing TW and was playing HZ. i basically as far as being a single pilot had won the zone in my mind and focused all my energy on winning HZ title. plus tho sudden was the homie im pretty sure blood had something of a complex vs me and considered me a threat to his (overrated) status and made me care a lot less about rampage.

                      as far as i gathered i was generally considered the top WB on elusive in 2002; if not within the entire zone, i certainly was within the squad itself, which, given that is was the peak at least population wise if not competition wise in the zone, prob at least counts for something, and prob a lot of something. problem w elusive that season was that after we destroyed (i think i went something like 23-7 between both rounds) a light squad consisting of fieryfire, ruby, hmm forget who else... a few peeps on elusive (p sure one was demonfaze in his rookie season) choked hard vs onyx in semifinals on elusive and we didnt get to face siege in the finals as was expected, tho as far as i remember we were ranked #1 going into playoffs and had beaten siege pretty soundly in reg season. could be wrong. i do remember tho that there was a general sense in the zone the season that elusive was kind of a tier above siege. at any rate i joined rampage the next season.

                      i think blood is very overrated too, he was never very great at least in 2002-2003 as far as i was concerned. as far as any evidence goes for this there are stats somewhere in the forum of elu vs rampage and he of c chokes like 6-10 or something. i have alot more i could say about that match too if anybodys interested. ruby was a joke to me, always chirping vs me then getting absolutely bopped; him and also some guy tony would have been something of nemesis(s) of mine if i didnt destroy them every time we dueled or faced off in a twd/twl. there are also stats i remember seeing that should still be in this forum of rampage vs light reg season and ruby goes like 2-7 or something. im sure he didnt do much better the prior season in elu vs light playoffs considering how badly we beat them.

                      personally i quit the game after the elusive vs rampage finals and have never played TW nearly as seriously since. i basically only played TWLD two seasons, and given this and lack of title i totally understand my exclusion from your list myth, aside from year 2002, which i was 100% better than blood and ruby - me and prob at least 10 others players. tho if i was only considering raw dominance over the zone at any one period i would be a lil more suss about the exclusion.

                      fun fact, elu vs rampage finals was as far as i know the most spectated game in TW history with around ~250 people. this was prob close to second most spectated game ever, tho i saw some pro league finals around that same number. what im p sure is the most spectated game ever i also happened to play in, which was S10 creasers vs blueliners game 5 HZ finals, with a whopping 360 spectating.

                      sika is the GOAT subspace player without a doubt. prob has a title in like 5 zones. i played w him some in hz, he joined creasers w viop and me, and he was instantly pretty baller, and won a championship s15. one of the top svs players too.
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                        Originally posted by Exalt View Post
                        I think I can honestly say that many of those older players on Fieryfire's list would be average at best if they played in the past 10 years. Most of those 'Tier 0/tier 1 Players' were nowhere near as good years later (if they still played) than guys on the lower tier. It just shows that many players got better and far exceeded the original WBs that were 'good' at a time when the overall skill level was lower. While there were many more players, they didn't play for nearly as long accumulatively as those who played in the past 10 years. Time adds skill.
                        also dont agree with this. TWLD is not very complicated and rewards the most patient players, generally speaking. there is very little meta involved... the only real evolution i have seen in gamestyle is that of rushing, with racka taking it to a peak id never experienced back in 2002-2003. and while this skill is useful, its generally not going to win you TWLD championships, tho it will come in handy.

                        mechanically though there is a lot of subtlety that really rewards people who pour hours and hours into practicing, and it gets lost pretty easily if you take an extended break. the thing with prob almost every old vet is that there is no way they are going to care enough to spend prob even 1/4 the time practicing as they did when they were 14,15,16, even if they desire to do well in the league. i mean i was doing nothing but playing WB prob an average of like 4-6 hours a day for over 2 years straight, having started at the end of 1999, and it took me a solid year and a half of this to be considered amongst the top. and when were there the most people putting this much time into the game? 2001-2003. i really think any team from any era would have a hard time defeating a team composed of, say, myself, sika, raspi, vihta, and mayb demonfaze from 2002, though demons peak was a lil further along.


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                          Think Iron Survivor for 2017/2018, it was off season for twl, but drafts/dds/tsl he was pretty unstoppable.
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                            Don't forget Sage's greatest warbird, Zizu, winning Twld for Sage single handedly 1vs3 in one of the most exciting matches to watch.
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                              The seasons that I've witnessed of late, I'd say:

                              2010: Racka, won TWLD (S14) as Fierce's best player, starting the Fierce dynasty.
                              2011: Riverside, one of the highest peaks ever, Finals MVP on Sweet in TWLD (S15), won TWDT-D too.
                              2012: Apok. Top player in TWLD (S16) winning the title on Fierce, was slapping ppl in TWDT-D too.
                              2013: Mythril/Ease. Myth was warbird in a huge upset of Fierce in TWLD (S17) with monster scores, dominated duel. Ease had a similar performance in TWLD, was a 2-man show.
                              2014: Deez Nuts/Lasenza, Deez was #1 in TWLD (S18/S19). Lasenza was like 3rd best TWLD player on Fierce but dominating duel with like 99-1 record and won TWDT-D too
                              2015: Best, dominated TWLD (S20) as the Finals MVP and won TWDT-D
                              2016: Iron Survivor, won TWLD (S21) as his team's best player, won TWDT-D
                              2017: Iron Survivor, carried over from 2016, finished #1 in scoring race both TWDT-Ds, #1 TSLD
                              2018: Ease, won TWDT-D as the best player, #1 in elim
                              2019: Racka (thus far), dominated TWDT-D and #3 and #1 both elim seasons. TWLD (S22) will be the biggest factor, though.

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