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  • TWLD Week 1 Hot or Not

    Welcome to week 1 of Twld

    and this is hot or not

    Dice 50-32 Lego

    Complete trampling, Dice absent Racka, Best, Weaver and others hardly cared.
    Mythril however was present, 2pacz predicted breakout player this season and Zimmer Frame wielding Cape and between them had a fun packed party of dead lego players.
    Joemoma wasn't present for this game, he was sorely missed but i'm not sure if even he could have stopped the onslaught that transpired.
    Riksa really can't play on 1200by1080 resolution. I gave him last week as benefit of the doubt because he was changing to a new resolution but 0-10 is pretty poor by anyone's standards.

    2pac 13-9
    Cape 14-4
    Riksa 0-10

    Attacks>whats that thing
    Attacks>u kno
    Attacks>where old people use to walk on
    (Cape)>no idea what ur talking about

    PM to Riksa before match
    Attacks> gl Attacks> rooting for u

    Riksa is out. 0 wins 10 losses

    Cobra 50-16 Spark

    Completly one sided, Kentaro trampled spark with a 17-6, worst score on Cobra was a 8-5 from Turban, that pretty much tells you the story. Rn, Fais and Flion on spark all fighting for Not of the week with 2-10, 1-7 and 1-10. Least lego showed heart in their game, Spark just showed like they would rather be anywhere else than some random ship 1 event.
    Rumours state that Cloth has been shouting like James T Kirk in Wraith of Khan. Shouting RAAAAAAAAVAAAAAAAAAAGE for getting up and leaving with all the warbirds and forming dynasty.

    Kentaro 17-6
    Mutalisk 7-1
    Ricko 9-2
    Tripin 8-2


    THE WHOLE DAMN SPARK TEAM apart from Mithrandia with a 8-10

    Thunder 50-36 Lego

    I have some sympathy and admiration for Lego as they have had the toughest games these past two weeks and once again they were up against a superior squad on paper.
    Eyes on debut player Flew and he didn't do bad with a 10-6. but stronger performances from Ogron, Shadowmere and space god.
    Weak well...he couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo and moved with all the grace you'd expect from a sick one. But if your going to get 2-10 I guess its best to get it out the way on a game like this than a playoff.
    Lego fought hard to be fair and only tailed off in the last third of the game, they are fighters and didn't give up. And im sure Riksa and Axwell after having very poor start to the season will be glad to break even on this one.

    Shadowmere 15-8
    Flew 10-6
    Ogron 10-4
    Space god 13-8

    tj hazuki 4-10
    Weak 2-10

    Thank you to Tripin for watching this game

    Dynasty 49-34 Spark

    Deliverance only the difference was it was 5 spark players having to say squeal piggy to the commands of Geio. Aka LegionofBoom as he shot out his load on spark getting 19-9 (I ment load of bullets). Spark were lack luster again, and Mithrandia again wondering how he got stitched up into playing in this twld with the only respectable score of 10-10 for spark.
    For dynasty Failed did a pretty decent 9-4, Henceman aka Shaun dropped a decent 12-10 for Dyn, Delectable aka Mr, Meeseeks had a pretty poor 4-7 but hey what does it matter?

    LegionofBoom 19-9
    Failed 9-4

    Rn 4-10
    Tower 3-7 find some scientific way of saying you sucked big hairy donkey balls.

    Thank you to Milosh for watching this game

    Force 50-37 Paladen

    As overwhelming favorites Force came to square up to their first game of the season, apparently Paladen didn't hear the bit about favourites.
    Paladen held on to evens for about half way through the game before slowly eroding, In the end Force were too strong but Paladen didn't stop fighting to the end and this was no easy victory for Force. Siaxis was really the only one who could break Paladens line with relative ease and ended up with a cute 16-9.
    Siaxis 16-9
    Attacks 9-4
    Iron Survivor 9-7

    Nots Rtallen 2-7

    Cobra 50-43 Paladen

    Watching this match most of us expected this game to end similar to the Force vs Paladen match which it did and didn't. Paladen actually pulled ahead early in the game thanks to little Buddha <ZH> who was ruling the radar scene, and not u putting in some match playing skills. (Not u is a good find for paladen and is a strong warbird of the future). However where cobra were struggling from Tripins appalling start of 1-7 and a mediocre start across the team, Paladen just didn't push the advantage they had, they had Tripin on the ropes early where he would have only needed 3 more deaths to no longer be a threat, and Kentaro and Absent were on 9 for what seemed a age but Not u and Little Buddha were let down by the 3 other players in their team and couldn't seize advantage by killing players out and let Tripin come back to 7-7. When Cobra hit the 40 mark on the scoreboard they dispatched Paladen easilly without reply to seize the match by what seemed closer than 50-43.

    Little Buddha <ZH> 15-10
    Not u 11-10 I have given him a hot mention because his score would have been better than 11-10 but his team collapsed and I feel his contribution to the team is far better than his score depicts.

    Jebass 4-10 You have been quite solid in your other results this was the result where had you remained solid you would have won for your team.

    Force 50-35 Dice

    Force were very slow on the start and couldn't deal with the Mythril problem, however it become apparent 2pacz couldn't deal with the Force problem full stop so for every bit of ground Mythril gained 2pac would end up losing it. Due to this Force started pulling ahead slowly. 2Pacz was allowed to go 2-9 before finally being subbed out by cripple. Iron, Cres and Skepsis all recovered from their ropey starts and applied the pressure on Mythril and Co. In the end their was no filling the gap 2pacz created and it ended up a solid Force win.

    Iron Survivor 12-6
    Attacks (kept bench warm)

    2pacz 2-9 <---------------------------------------------------------------- (he asked me specifically to be mentioned in this weeks hot for when he steamrolled Force, Well here you go 2pacz
    Disappointing result for 2pacz I feel maybe the big game pressure got to him this time, but he will bounce back in the future.

    Dynasty 50-46 Thunder

    A tight game throughout odds were with thunder this game, however Dynasty pulled out a blinder led by Legionofboom. I was very skeptical of Legionofboom/Geio in the week getting performances off a 2000by1500 resolution in twdd and I thought he would generally suffer on the 1200by1080 format, however he has proved me wrong and all credit to him has played well over his two games this weekend. Also to mention a strong performance from Failed again . Flew was solid and the only one who looked natural in a warbird for thunder at the moment.

    Flew 15-10
    LegionofBoom 18-9
    Failed 15-9

    Afri 1-5
    Ogron 5-10 "breakout player last session, and single handly demolished Force last season" Quote. Well shame you can't break out of your comfort zone and go outside, and you couldn't demolish a kids jungle Gym this season.

    Attacks> interview?
    LegionOfBo> Sure
    Attacks> fantastic performances legion over two games, what do you think went right for you that game?
    LegionOfBo> Well man, honestly...squad has been in turmoil for a while losing TWDD matches...But we all had a talk about dropping ego's and just playing for the team win or lose.
    LegionOfBo> The guys are buying in, and realizing team is bigger than one person!
    Attacks> a good motivation, lots of people asking who you are? are you able to comment on that?
    LegionOfBo> No comment
    LegionOfBo> Just here to play the game
    Attacks> ok congratulations Geio you are this weeks hot for warbird

    Strong start for Force this week, beating dice was a good win. Dynasty also had a great week beating Thunder. Cobra had two easy games and one of them they should have won comfortably they made a bit of a pigs ear out of, so Jury is out for them. Thunder where oh where is Ease? and will the real Weak please step up?
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    British> my 18th tomoz $$
    Sol ^> 18 and scouse, so that two kids you have by now, brit? :)

    i.d.> I just farted and shit myself alittle bit

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    Thanks for this write-up, appreciated!

    My NOT was well deserved, I played fucking terrible.
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