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Basing Cup Final Thoughts

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  • Basing Cup Final Thoughts

    Congrats to Poseidon's Gods on winning an incredibly close finals over Heroes, with 15:00-14:28, 10:14-15:00, and 15:00-14:41 (or 15:00-14:57 if you add a 16 second jupe) games.

    One of the best sequences in basing finals history occurred at the end of Round 1 and won't soon be forgotten with both teams around 14:30-14:30, with Mikkiz port trapping Ogron on the flag and Ogron replying with a burst, resulting in a double tek.

    The end result was a terrless, sharkless 3v3 spider duel with the winner of the duel getting the victory, as Saiyan, Renzi, and Hellkite went toe-to-toe with Hulk, Undercut, and Rough, with the former coming out on top.

    An instant classic.

    You can view the full game here. Props to Porkjet and SpookedOne for recording the majority of the games this season.

    Monsters also had a very tight, competitive three round semi-finals against Gods with Thix + Commodo/porkjet + Turban/Trasher/Dreamwin/RUCCI/Mouse/RageRitual/Steadman narrowly missing out on the finals. Titans got blown out by Heroes.

    Thanks to Zidane, Markmrw, and others who helped with bots and zone recycles, along with Qan for bot and forums help, and Wirah for doing the map, and to the captains for volunteering.

    Nobody values cups that much, but this one was pretty solid in terms of competition, with all 40 of the top picks showing for their teams, probably due to Covid. It will probably take another pandemic to get this much talent to play a cup and have 92 people watching finals (slightly less than the 105 for the TWDT Finals last Sunday.)

    Arena Graphic:
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    top 100 basers list

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    3 words come to mind looking over this..


    Just want to say I freaking love your work on the Basing Cup page Clause. Am no baser as you know but can't help but want to try to learn in effort to get my name on your page. Looks awesome as usual. I don't think you get enough cred for the work you do for the zone sometimes man. So allow me to give you some! Big THANK YOU! Really appreciate everything you did to make Basing Cup legit and hope you have a great week. Cheers!



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      To think that the idea to have a 4-team, 1-night, thrown together pickup basing tournament could be turned into a multi-week, relatively competitive, and highly fun basing cup is pretty incredible. Ogron, you did a wonderful job with this and I had a lot of fun. I really appreciate you organizing and putting this together with such short notice and just in time for the influx of bored-because-of-COVID-19 veterans. Great work.

      Maybe this can be a twice yearly thing if people are willing to host.


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        Claushouse I do have a question, how did you make the list of basers that came back after the draft? Did you just make a list of the guys you saw around basing arenas, or have people ?message you, how did that work? That was one of the coolest parts imo. We had our disagreement that 1 week, but with the server issues and the fact that this league was just kind of thrown together from an off the cuff idea, it was pretty cool and brought some much needed excitement to weeknights during this quarantine.
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          i used the top 100 baser list, which has like 400-500 players, then added everyone from the last TWDT season, then went through everyone who played a TWBD game, then used the Remove Duplicates feature in Excel on all the player names, which formed the draft sheet.

          then i added an "activity/showrate" column and rated every player from 1 to 10, giving 0 to people like Domi and a2m who haven't played in years.

          i then combined their top 100 rating with activity/showrate in a formula to have a list of the best talent-to-activity ratio, and sorted the draft sheet that way.

          this would provide all 4 captains with the best possible draft rankings to put together a strong team.

          if any of the captains didn't make their own draft sheet and prep, which seemed likely, then the sheet would be a safeguard against them choosing poorly, because the best candidates would automatically be near the top of the sheet during the draft, drawing their eyeballs to the right players.
          top 100 basers list


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            thx 4 making it happen!

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              Thanks for putting this together Ogron, was a lot of fun!