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    I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to improve server performance.

    The problem I have is the inconsistency in lag between players. Some players lag is okay. Some players lag is total bullshit. Not many in the middle.

    Does anyone know what the tick rate is? (I think it's 30) Or if we have the ability to change it?

    Does anyone know if there's a resource bottleneck on the server?

    All ideas welcome.
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    Everyone feels bad dying to lil old Dierienow so I've seen plenty of these resource bottlenecks firsthand. Let me know when u get to the bottom of this I'm sure your investigation will bring many fruits (strawberries, banana, Marcola)


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      Just a quick note that now we have a new server.

      Resource utlization is low so that shouldn't be an issue now.

      Latency seems roughly the same as the old server.

      Enquiring into what game server config changes we might make to improve performance.


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        Note: server tick rate is 10ms. (100 tick)


        This is a client setting that the server can push which increases the rate at which Continuum sends position packets. Measured in ticks.

        The smaller the number, the less interpolation the client must do. So fewer "hits on my screen and not on theirs" situations at a cost of increased client traffic and server traffic.

        qan did a quick check of various SendPositionDelay values. 13 in pub and elim, and various events. But all competitive and semi-competitive arenas seem to be set to 10.

        Players would understandably assume that all arenas perform equally, it's a surprise to me that that's not the case! It's all done on a per-CFG basis, so we would need to write a script to adjust them all at once. We will do this once we have settled on what value to set.

        Today, pub and elim have changed from 13 to 10. The objective is to find out if the value we're already using in other arenas is stable in these two popular arenas. Please report any observations in this thread.


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          qan has written and run a script to update this setting for all arenas.
          All arenas now have a SendPositionDelay of 10.