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Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #3 - Private Frequency

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  • Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #3 - Private Frequency

    Mission Statement: I am a firm believer that if you could improve the quality of life of any organization, no matter how major or minor, inevitably the system will grow and improve. Therefore, I will start a series of suggestions and feedback to what I believe may be a positive impact in the zone. Feel free to leave your constructive criticism, whether it be support or against the premise. Trolls will not be tolerated.

    Topic: Private Frequencies

    Pros: Private Frequencies are part of the game and people enjoy playing with their friends in their own separate environment.

    Cons: During times where the population is low, private frequency may unbalance the teams and affect game-play. For the benefit of the game, we should consider options to rectify this problem.

    Solution #1: During lowly populated time, restrict to only pub frequencies 0 and 1 (e.g. < 5 vs 5). In highly populated times, allow private frequencies. Make it flexible and do not remove private freq as it is part of the game and may end up dissatisfy some players.
    Solutions #2: Offer incentives to be in a pub frequency (milestone award) and disincentives to be in a private frequency (pay to be in private freq).

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    I'm not convinced this is a problem / a big enough problem to be a priority right now.