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A league weekend?

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  • A league weekend?

    I didn't know where to post this - so I will just post here. With so many people having moved on from this game and seemingly having no time for an inactive game anyways I was wondering if there was a way to organize just a single day type tournament. The only way it would work would be if old vet squads which have retired got people on just for the day. DSB has had weekends where they have sent out emails and gotten a lot of members to log back on that would never log on in a whole year.

    It would only work if squads like Fierce/Envy, Penetrate/Cobra, and Dice/Dudgeon, Juans?, Potenza? could muster up enough players for a weekend (I'm guessing Thunder can) - I dunno where these players are at or if they have any interest but just thought I would introduce the idea.

    Jav, wb, and base (yes fat chance) would have to be done on different days. Round Robin can all be done in a single day and then 1v2 in finals I think would be the best way to get it done 3v4 can play if they want. I don't know really think people have time to play this game week in week out anymore but I think it's possible this could be organized after DT.

    Let me know your thoughts. If people who know players from the retired squads if we could figure out if they have any interest that would be nice.

    I don't care about format - this format is just easiest for me and I thought it would be easiest for currently retired players.

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