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When do players on TW get GOOD?

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  • When do players on TW get GOOD?

    I've been playing for awhile and I've notice something odd, everyone is sooo easy to kill, what's the point really? When does anyone get good? This game is classic, been playing for years but it gets to the point when you realize, when do players get GOOD? In the beginning it was okay, but after awhile when you can OWN any players on pub like they owed you money, it gets boring. I love this game and want it to live on forever, but please... GET GOOD!

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    It's because you're playing pub and not during EU/US prime time.

    Go in elim, wbduel, javduel, base, twd after 5pm EST and see how you do.


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      I never have and never will get good.
      Over the years I have come to terms with it
      sleepyjoe> this is a mental health ward not a competitive video game


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        It's because its 2019 and people don't like killing faggots.
        Rabble Rabble Rabble