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  • ELO Rating System for TWD

    Originally posted by Overstrand
    I worked on this for a bit with Myth and this is what we have:

    This is mainly Myth's work (obviously) Thanks Myth

    Squads start off with 1000 rating points.
    When a TWD game has been played, the new rating of the squad will be determined by the following formula:

    New Rating = Old Rating + K(W-P)

    P = Probablitity of winning
    K = Maximum rating change
    W = 1 if the squad has won, W = 0 if the squad has lost

    P = 1 / (1 + 10^(-difference_in_ratings / 400))
    K = 50

    wolvencreed (rating 1000) vs Pallies (rating 1400)

    first we'll calculate the probability of winning of wolvencreed over Pallies:
    difference_in_ratings = 1000-1400 = -400

    P = 1 / (1+10^(-(-400) / 400))
    P = 1 / (1+10^1)
    P = 1 / 11
    P = 0.09 = 9% chance of wolvencreed winning over Pallies.
    then ofcourse, the chance of Pallies winning over wolvencreed is 1-0.09 = 0.91 = 91%

    - Scenario: wolvencreed wins!
    so, for wolvencreed: W = 1
    new rating = old rating + K * (W-P)
    new rating = 1000 + 50 * (1-0.09)
    new rating = 1000 + 45.5 = 1046

    for Pallies: W = 0
    new rating = 1400 + 50 * (0-0.91) = 1400 + (-45.5) = 1354.5 = 1355


    K (maximum rating change) is set to 50 in this example. We're considering to lower K when a squad plays more games.
    This is info concerning calculating the rating points for TWD. The quote was taken from an ancient post by Overstrand, and Guano thought it would be a good idea to sticky this, because enough people question about it every so often. So instead of staffers giving you a half-assed answer about it all, you can check it out here, if you didn't already know how the rating system works.

    This is also a great way to maximize the points your squad can earn, whilst comparing the amount of points that can be lost to any given squad.
    Failure teaches success.

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    you used the word ass ! omg omg

    great idea btw, very nice !

    good work again
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        Wax that post by Overstrand was made in 2002. The system has not changed since.
        Failure teaches success.


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          Originally posted by Ward
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            lol wax, way to go bro
            Originally posted by Kolar
            My reaction:

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              cool system. Thanks for posting the 'source'.
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                  great dig, Kim!
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                      TWD Calculator - Website

                      hey hey ....

                      Last season I wrote a php-script to calculate the matches
                      (for those who can't calculated that by hand :P or head )

                      With the start of the new TWD-WebSite and TWSD I fixed some stuff
                      and added a SD-Calculator.

                      For now it's just a nice tool to play with for you,
                      but if ya battle for points close to the start of next TWL it might become useful ... :whistling:

                      here's the Link, notify me if it doesnt work ....TWD - Calculators

                      I fixed the missing Squads, if ya still find bugs mail me ....

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                        Greetings Hildoz

                        i cant find my squadron on the dd list

                        3 Value 1419

                        it would be nice if u fix that bug!

                        thank you.
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                          some squads are missing


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                            that's a neat calculator. when i saw this thread in new posts i was going to ask if there was a calculator. gj!
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