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2vs2 Money Tournament: December 4th

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  • 2vs2 Money Tournament: December 4th

    Here's the deal about the tournament, ladies and gentlemen.

    After discussing with Riverside and LF about this buy-in tournament a couple of days ago, we finally agreed with some specifics (such as the rules and start dates and buy-in fees) which allowed me to finally get my sorry ass to write this forum post about the first upcoming real money buy-in tournament. We are hoping to get at least ten teams to sign up for the tournament with the amount of people signing up gradually increasing as we continue to host more buy-in tournaments. I have my fingers crossed that we can manage to make this a successful event that will attract more and more participants, and I will do my best to remain unbiased and get the best staffers available to monitor the events.

    Currently we have set the date for Sunday, December 4th. The time slot is still open and up for discussion, plus I'm more than willing to listen to any suggestions and proposals about that matter. However, you really should keep in mind that the very same day this tournament is meant to happen, there will be an Attack Tournament starting around 3 PM EST and we can't have these two events overlap each other. Thus, we only have four time slots open to my knowledge, them being 2 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM EST as long as the Attack tournament doesn't last longer than an hour. Our current goal is to have both Warbird and Javelin tournaments the same day, but if you ask me that seems like an unlikely event to happen. There simply doesn't seem to be enough interest within the player base to participate in a javelin tournament as of now, thus we could just play it safe and go all out on advertising only the warbird tournament.

    Also during that brief meeting we agreed on the buy-in fee for the upcoming tournament. We decided that it would be good to start with a small buy-in fee being $10 for each team or $5 for each player. You can either pay the entire fee for your team alone or make both parties send the fees to my PayPal account to be eligible for the tournament, whichever is easier for you. Our prize pool for the tournament will entirely depend on how many people sign up for the tournament and we also wish to keep a small percentage (5% to 10%) of the overall prize pool for a future major money tournament or to add the money to the Trench Wars Funds. The major tournament would happen, most likely, after the TWL Finals unless this tournament type doesn't generate enough interest. In an event of only one of the players showing up for the event on time, he should find try to himself a new partner to replace his old partner whom failed to show on time. We would rather not do any refunds, thus please have at least one of the players to show up.

    We were planning on using the tournament map that has been regularly been used for several money tournaments, meaning we would host it in ?go Tourny. I agree that it's not the best arena (bad design, small dueling areas) to have a tournament like this, but I would rather have a bot run it automatically than rely on staffers whom may be biased and make several errors. We will try to override the death counts to 10 as the current limit is 5 deaths per player, at least the older version of TournyBot supported up to 10 death tournaments. We will folow the standard Tourny rules, meaning bot will handle the lagouts and lag limit checking (naturally, you can still do ?cheater reports if you suspect someone of cheating or if someone is lagging way too much, in these cases we will send a staffer as soon as possible to monitor the player(s) reported). The seeding will also be completely random due to way the bot has been coded.

    There's only a few key players organizing this event, and those are the ECT Team (me and LF), Hulk and Riverside unless I'm missing someone not-so-important. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


    We have opened the signups for this tournament. I have decided to use my own PayPal account because neither Hulk or Riverside wanted to set one up for the tournament. We shall soon start the advertising for this event, which would include periodical zoners within the game, an updated news message on website with its calendar section properly updated and possibly I will even set up a bot to the tournament arena itself to provide the link and some additional information about the upcoming tournament.


    Here's a very simple and quick example of how the tournament would work with 40 players, or rather 20 teams, participating.

    Each team would pay the buy-in fee of $10 to be eligible to participate in the first official buy-in money tournament. The prize pool for this tournament would be $200 but we would most likely keep at least 5% of that, meaning the overall prize pool would be $190 with us keeping the $10 for a major tournament that is supposed to happen after the TWL Finals. With 20 teams participating we would most likely only give the top two teams a prize, but there's also a chance that more teams (such as third place) could receive a small percentage of the prize pool. The winner would get around 60% to 65% of the prize pool (depending on the amount of prized positions), second place would get 30% to 35% and third place, assuming we have one, would get the remaining 20% of the prize pool.

    If a player fails to show for the tournament, his partner has the right to pick a new team mate (as long as he's not already participating in another team) to avoid us from having to issue refunds. We would rather not have to do that as it's such a mess.

    Here's a simplified version with either two or three prized positions with an overall prize pool of $190; the two prizes format is in the parentheses.

    1st place: $105 ($125)
    2nd place: $55 ($65)
    3rd place: $30 (nothing)

    At least that is how I was planning on running this tournament and do the prizes. Also, due to the fact that I'm bad at explaining shit (sorry for being European), if something was left unclear or if I forgot to mention something, simply ask and I shall respond as soon as possible.

    Let's try to make this tournament a success together!

    UPDATE: Some people wanted this tournament to be at 5 PM EST instead of 4 PM EST, which is completely fine by me. Thus, the tournament is scheduled to start on December 4th, Sunday at 5 PM EST
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    I will be providing my own PayPal account for this purpose. Now even more people will know my absolutely ridiculous name, haha. Here's a very simplified guide on how to sign up for the tournament that is supposed to start on December 4th.

    Step #1: First of all you must create a PayPal account if you do not already have one, then link your credit card and/or bank account to transfer funds to that account. This whole procedure should take 5 minutes at most.

    Step #2: After you have logged into PayPal and have enough funds, please send them to the PayPal account while adding a message to the money transfer stating from whom the money is from and in which tournament(s) you want to signup for. As an example, you could write something like this when transferring the money from the "Send Money" area: Here's the $10 buy-in fee for the upcoming Warbird Tournament. - Apok & Riverside. When that is done, confirm the transfer and pay the fees -- unless you're as cheap as me, then I suppose I can pay the minimal fees off my own purse.

    Step #3: After transferring the money to my PayPal account, you should also send me a message in-game (using the ?message Byakko:<message> feature) or on the forums. To message me on the forums, simply click my name and hit the "Private Message" link provided to you.

    Step #4: Wait for me to confirm the transfer. When that is done (it should be within 24 hours of the transfer), then I shall add you to the sign ups list that shows whom are participating in the upcoming money tournament and in which tournament they are playing in.

    Step #5: Simply wait for further instructions, such as exact dates (should know those soon enough, but the current ETA is on Sunday, December 4th at 5 PM EST) and possible rule changes, although those are unlikely to happen.

    That should be a foolproof guide even for the less intelligent people on the forums and in the game. Good luck, space warriors, let's try to get at least a few people to sign up and make this a success together.

    No emoing, please. Let's make this a fun tournament that we can enjoy.


    Mythril & Paky Dude
    Ease & Byakko
    Skepsis & Deez Nutz
    Peru & Vue
    Riverside & Engineers
    Cross & Best
    Apok & Pure_Luck
    Current size of the prize pool: $90 USD
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      I will probably open the sign ups in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes from this post, that's when I should have a paypal account running for this purpose plus the guide for signing up ready to go.


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        I hope this is fun for those involved and somehow increses interest in TW (my fear is that this might actual increase the drama, even if it does represent only a few dollars).

        Just one question. If this becomes really successful, and you have kids bascially gambling with their baby sitting money, does it make TW a 'game of skill' and then covered by various gaming laws in various states? Turb, I have a name of a good gaming lawyer when you need it.


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          Haha. I really doubt this will become that successful, but you do have a valid point. However, I have this feeling that most people that sign up are way over 18 years old (basically, the older veterans will be signing up rather than new players, at least for starters) thus we shouldn't run into any problems.. but if we do, well.. at least I know who to call.


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            Should we only do a Warbird tournament for starters and leave Javelin for a later date? Or are we really going to be ambitious enough to have both Javelin and Warbird tournaments running the very same day?


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              Have updated the site and calendar, when I get home I will try to get some periodical zoners going and set up a bot. Hopefully we can get some people sign up within the next 9 days.


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                update: we're only going to do the warbird tournament on December 4th, as it seems to be way too ambitious to run two tournaments at the same day. sign up if you're still interested of participating in this, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

                the tournament is scheduled to start next Sunday at 5 PM EST.
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                  me and paky dude bout to win some easy cash

                  too much pakril

                  riverside is a faggot

                  and make it at 5pm est please
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                    yeah I can definitely make it 5 PM, especially if the attack tournament draft lasts for over an hour.


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                      I would participate in jav tournament


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                        buy in should be proportionate to your lag

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                          that'd mean i'd get in for free? ^__^ scaling downways.


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                            decided not to do a javelin tournament unless there's enough interest of there being one. no point of making it happen with only two teams signing up. plus, could you even find a partner for yourself, damaging? if so, i can reopen the javelin signups.


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                              have the entry fee for 50-60ms or less be the base. for every 10 ms over that its an extra dollar

                              got it

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