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Idea to make for high-stakes in PubDueling

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  • Idea to make for high-stakes in PubDueling

    I have an idea to make dueling more interesting risky and high stakes for the duelers -- im calling to a Video Duel. What happens is The two Duelers agree to a Video Duel and i record their duel and upload it to YouTube. The Loser will have themselves recorded losing that can be loaded by anyone, anytime to see them lose. The winner can link the video Up to 5 times a day without getting in trouble for over linking the same video, so long as the 5 links limit is Adhered to each one being separated by the time of One (1) Hour or more between each link

    As you know I been working on the TMVS, The Trenchwars Music Video Series, where i do screen capture using bandicam. I cant find any other program, remember I use windows XP with only 17 services and 18 processes active at each boot, something like 150 mb of RAM is in use when i boot.

    So Just as I screen capture for the TMVS, So Too can i screen capture duels and loser can be replayed losing, so losing is more bad than it would otherwise be in a standard SpaceBux and TrashTalk only duel. If the loser bet a high about likr 65,000 SpaceBux, it will be on video that they lose a lot of SpaceBux Too,

    This is my first enhanced dueling idea since i proposed DuelBans where the loser has their IP Address banned from Continuum SSCU Trenchwars for 35 minutes, 4 hours, 24 hours or 100 hours depending on which of the 4 Ban-Times they choose to bet on. The Auto-Banning Bot would announce to the Arena that the person lost and is being banned for XX hours and that the ban would take effect in 5 minutes. Everyone could still talk to the loser for 5 minutes before the 5 minute delayed auto-ban of 35min, 4 hr, 24 h or 100 h occured

    So the above was my last idea, this time though we are talking about Video-Bet Dueling that will be recorded and uploaded to my YouTube Channel. What can be the music playing as they duel and are being screen capture recorded is: VG Boss Music or TV Fight SoundTracks or VG Fight Music like FF1 NES Battle Song

    Now remember here is an Example of one of my uploads of a TMV (Trenchwars Music Video) and I Believe That I Can Set the Quality Higher for the Duels so people can see the loser very clearly:

    Video: Trenchwars GamePlay, T0NE

    Audio: 3 mini songs that T0NE Composed and Produced in FL Studio back in 2006 ; T0NE (Tone) is an Electronic Music Composer. To say the portions that he (me) is good at and leave out mediocre or bad is what I will so here: I am Good at Drums and Fantastic at Catchy Single-Note Melody Lines and good at making digital music a little closer to analog albeit still sounds digital. And then im bad at many individual aspects of Electronic Music Composing but why list those, here :

    MUSIC MADE BY T0NE in 2006m They Were Originally Made for Myspace's Music Play and even have a Robot saying "Welcome, Welcome to Tone-Space" (The Name of Myspace back in 2006 was Tone-Space)

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    Summery: Thread about a Higher-Stakes-Duel where i record the Duel between the two people and upload it to my channel with the title being "SCREEN NAME Lost This Duel to the Better Player, SCREE NAME 2"

    Reply: Do you like the Idea of Duels being recorded and uploaded to YouTube if the two Dueling agree to a YouTube-Stakes Duel ?

    Reply: If you found my 2006 FL Studio MiniSongs for Myspace interesting.
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