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    Jones I understand everything you are saying, but let me give you an analogy to show show you what I mean:

    Lets pretend you are an amateur boxer, but a terrible one. Lets say you're a "pubber-tier" boxer.
    All you know how to do is pop a jab, and throw a cross. You just suck at boxing okay?

    But then one day famous boxing couch Freddie Roach comes along and says "For a small fee, I'll show you how to throw the world's most perfect uppercut,
    while you can't even throw one now, it will soon become the most powerful tool in your inventory

    You tell him you need one day to think about it. Then all of a sudden, your good friend ForgottenGhost walks by,
    and it just so happens he's already "gone pro" in boxing. You decide to ask him for his sage advice.

    F.G. tells you "Nah don't even bother Jones, in a REAL boxing match you don't just sit there throwing punches, people also punch you back, plus you have to combine it with foot movement, and you have to be in a good position to setup shots/dodge, etc ..."

    You see Jones, your friend F.G. wasn't giving you wrong advice, in fact it's totally true.
    But it's still completely missing the point, which is that as an amateur boxer, having the famous freddie roach show you how to throw the perfect uppercut, or haymaker would have been completely, undeniably invaluable to you in your boxing career.

    Besides, specializing in one area doesn't prevent you from learning those other aspects of the game


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      I'm not saying your idea is terrible. Practicing vs. bots should have been done even before we launched on steam. I'm just sceptical if such an arena isn't already accomplished by simply going to #lj etc. save for the bots.
      does surfbalance even have the correct settings for javelins?

      subspace is so deep i am not sure world class boxing strategies can even compare

      learning how to throw a world class punch a heineken or uppercut has a bunch of steps in it before you throw them, i mean don't flail your arms but have the power come from legs, hips etc. you are probably gonna learn how to run more than 1 mile in a row too.

      in subspace the blue guy goes near a wall, you press arrow keys and tab and he is dead.

      edit: i think you should ask turban to come and show a bunch of good shots to take.
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      Originally posted by jerome
      can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???


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        About powerball,
        After thinking about it a bit I realize making the two East-West safezones into opposite goals is probably a bad idea. Everyone seems to just camp the base in between basing rounds, so the safezones are too far away. Having the goal in the base was a good idea.

        A general format for a ball-game to be played in between basing rounds:
        1- The length of the game is the time between basing rounds.

        2- Leave the goal where it is but have the ball and players spawn INSIDE the base for the duration of the ball-game.

        3- The bot announces the game is beginning and warps all players to a base spawn-point (to be untoggled with ?warp) while also respawning the ball in lower/mid base.

        4- Teams fight to retrieve the ball and score. When a team scores a goal the whole team is awarded pubbux (I suggest 500 per player).

        5- The goal-scorer and the last two teammates to assist (if there are any) are awarded extra pubbux on top of what the rest of the team already gets (I suggest 1k).

        6- The ball is respawned inside base after each goal. Players are respawned inside base after each death.

        7- The total score is kept by the bot, and the winning team within the time limit receives some sort of ?prize like you mentioned and/or more cash, which will be split if they tie.

        8- There should be stat category winners listed by the bot the same as for base, i.e. MVP (most total points from goals/assists): AFRI | Top Striker (most goals): Wirah | Setup Man (most assists): Qan | Enforcer (most kills): Jones | etc. etc. with more prizes and/or cash for each category winner.

        9- The ball should be in "power-up" mode for the duration of the game, just because that's more fun.

        10- When players are warped to begin a new basing round, ball/player respawn and award values for goals go back to normal.

        11- A variation: Two goals (one for each team) could be placed in the upper ears of mid-base. I think this might actually be the best way to go because it would reduce the general chaos of two teams trying to score on one goal in FR chokepoint. It would also give the game some flow on the East/West axis of mid-base, which is somewhat less cluttered.

        Some explanations:
        1- The ball needs to respawn inside base simply to avoid the monotony and waste of time spent retrieving ball outside base after each goal or even as the game begins.

        2- Players need to respawn inside base to stop a team without a terr being staggeringly disadvantaged. It will also keep the game fast paced.

        3- Teams/individuals should be rewarded for each goal scored to ensure that the losing team will continue trying to score even during a blowout, but the winning team gets extra rewards to retain competitiveness.

        4- Reward values should be very high because of the short game-time. I guess/estimate that teams would not average more than 1 or 2 goals per game.

        That's about it. Hopefully this is all possible!
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          While they're not entirely accurate right now, by the end of this TSL after the numbers get ironed out a tad more ...

          possibly consider migrating TSL's future rating/sorting system to the bots in these arenas:

          ?go wbduel
          ?go javduel
          ?go spiduel
          ?go base