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    Originally posted by Tiny View Post
    Huge pub bucks payouts as incentive as this is the only incentive I can think of atm..25k per win (RPS)
    Yes, but maybe the bounty for stopping someone with successive wins could stack too.
    For example you if you won 10 games in a row, when the bot sends on the zoner "Tiny is unstoppable with 10 wins in a row, come to elim to put an end to him"

    it could also add that you would recieve 25k x 10 = $250k pubbux to break his streak


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      Originally posted by qan View Post
      Re: ladder splash problems, anyone mind saying what's wrong other than "it's broken"? I try to fix what I can, but what I don't have time to do is investigate every problem personally.
      It's probably working correctly, just the last time I checked it was listing Attacks was #1 and I've not seen him ingame for months so it felt stale. Maybe ratings just need to decay.
      -Wirah (Method/Mefod)