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  • Instant Reply Episodes // TW YT Theme

    Couldnt change index subject line in previous thread to re-purpose it as an all-in-one thread, so this will be the all-in-one Thread. The two features are irregular episodes of "TW instant reply " and irregular Musical Themes to TW.

    ----- --- -------- ------ - --- ------ ----- -- -- ---- ------ -
    Begin TW-Instant-Reply & TW-Music-Video All - In - One Thread :
    ----- --- -------- ------ - --- ------ ----- -- -- ---- ------ -

    TW Instant Reply: Jessup Bombs Base with 500 Bounty while t0ne drives:

    Musical Credits:

    Psygone - Second Breath
    Psygone - Illuminate
    Psygone - Kothoga

    For Psygone's 2012 EP Record Surrender To Source, Visit YouTube-PlayList at

    These 2 Videos are at:


    T0NE is a fun LT who majored in Terrier Piloting at Subfleet Academy and wrote his dissertation on "Rushes & Gambles: Funner LT Driver for Leviathans"

    Jessup is a veteran and star Javelin who has bombed over 500,000 people to death using big orange quantum torpedoes and enjoys causing death by fire. Jessup and T0NE are Keyboardist and Electronic Programming Artists respectfully. In his Spare-Time he does stuff 'n' stuff
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    Fantastic to see the veteran combo of T0NE and Jessup join forces and become a dynamic duo powerful LT force.

    Great work folks, keep it up!


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      Yhanks, the best audio parts for each video is the deep trance essence at 6:00 in video 1 and the deep pad and singing vocals in 1:38 in the other video. The Danish Vocalist who is slightly reminesant of Michal Jackson sometimes, is named Lyck

      Here is her photograph (*The Singer in Video #2 Bottom Video above*):

      500 bounty is not a big deal, i would consider 800 the first milestone and then 1000 after that .. i just always have mental slip ups land mostly only die from things like a cloaker forcing me to toggle around anf fuck around with X Radar.

      Theres going to be more amazing videos here

      Hey u know who else is a hot bitch, Kinky Girl, love those emeralds eyes.

      Kinky Caity Baby, this is a CALL OUT, wanna do a music video, want to ride me and we will get it all on digital film?? and always good bumping throbbing music baby

      what do you say honey cakes, "They want a Canadian to go this time, "wanna take a ride"? (Contact, 1997) or you can be the terrier and i can just record you having a basing session and squirting out those bursts that frustrate and fuck up everyone.

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        Theme of the Romulans and the huge big Green Romulan Warbirds:

        A Theme for Lancasterzz :

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          Many with good sound systems or excellent headphones would be thrown back by the ultra mega super great strength and purity of Quanta

          Quanta will fuk u up:


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            Calling Kinky Cutie Caity Cakes, Do you copy, this is the federation star ship Tone, bring that Electronic Vape device of yours that gives the pleasure buzz in the head.

            The Track Fortress Violated has a very nifty resonant low pass filter tweak ok some colorful saw chords:


            Not Just That, BUT; Also a TB-303 in there and a very beautiful padding and epic hypnosis in the middle. thats 2:12 into track and link above will take you direct to 2:12 to illustrate audioly