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Mid Week Main Events! June 13/2018 Edition!

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  • Mid Week Main Events! June 13/2018 Edition!

    We had some intriguing events tonight!

    Event 1: Arena: Tanks Gamestyle: Deathmatch

    Some old school tanks!
    Winner: Biet <zh> -----paid 100k pub bux
    MVP: Biet <zh>

    Event 2: Arena: bouncer Gamestyle: Supersharks

    This was a hard fought match where your sharks have super with their bombs.. repels launch your enemy huge... crazy shrapnel... Loads of fun with a different styled game!
    Biet <zh> ---- paid 100k pub bux
    BugoGOO --------paid 25k pub bux

    Event 3: Arena: Lights Gamestyle: WB deathmatch

    An old school event where the visuals are altered by the host... hiding your ship or hiding your view! CAme down to 3 at the end in a tough fight!
    Winner: Biet <zh> ---- paid 100k pub bux
    AngelGirl --------paid 25k pub bux

    Event 4: Arena: pb Gamestyle: Paintball, team shared deaths

    This is a fast paced action event with lots of deaths! We had teams of 2 that were sharing 30 deaths between them.
    Winner: Jessup/Biet <zh> ---- paid 100k pub bux shared between them
    Biet <zh> --------paid 25k pub bux

    Thanks to all that particpated.. was a lot of fun!

    We will be doing Main Events every Saturday (5pm EST) and Wednesday (6pm EST) so keep your eyes open for what events are coming!

    Any questions ask myself or any staffmember we will be happy to help!
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    Many thanks for doing these, hosts!