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TWDT Week 5 - Video is coming along and more

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  • TWDT Week 5 - Video is coming along and more

    Sup everyone, your boy Grasps here just to give you all an update that I was able to record some great stuff this weekend (over 3 hours of content) but with my awful internet, I have no idea how long it's going to take before it's up for you to view. Some good news, I was able to plop down and purchase some expensive video editing software that gives me access to a plethora of fun features and capabilities that will add a lot of polish to my videos for you to enjoy.

    On a serious note, I will be opening starting a Patreon and if you guys want to donate to me some funds (I'd prefer your bandwidth honestly but don't think that's possible!) to help me out in delivering great content. Already I am out $99 + tax for editing software, not to mention the man hours I've contributed and will be for quite some time. Ideally I would like to upgrade my internet but currently that will cost me $129 dollars to bolster my speed up to 8mbps from the 2mbps per second I have currently, doesn't seem that much but considering 15 mins of video takes 5 hours, it would cut that down to about 1 hour which would be huge. Currently I am paying $70 and so if I could get help with the extra $60 a month, that would be great!

    TWDT coverage is the lengthiest I will be recording however, semi finals will be shorter, finals shorter yet and after that I'll just be covering Prime Time games for TWD once the new season is underway until the next big league starts up. Obviously this will be much better for me to bring you content as quick as possible. No obligations though, I will be giving you guys it with or without help! I am not asking for your money either, just letting you know it will be up should you want to contribute. If by some chance I get more than I need, I will NOT pocket that money, that money will be donated back to TWD. On Patreon I will have monthly goals for funds and you can see exactly where the money goes, there will be full transparency and every dollar will be accounted for. I am not trying to rob the folks who play my favorite game, just leaving it out there if you want to help me help you guys, there will be an option! Anyways, look forward to bringing you Week 5 content here as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great rest of your week!

    -Grasps (Ixa)

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    Do you need a man ager? I heard pee pee sock is good even if he takes a large cut.


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      There are no expectations for your content to go live on a certain day. We're all just thankful you're making awesome stuff! So take your time and post when ready
      -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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        Cool, needing this one. Send us the site - sounds good to see week 5 again of TWDTD Draft League.
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