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    It's just a preview, take a look at
    and tell me what you think!
    Ara / AraGee / Death
    SSCU Trench Wars Player since 1999
    SSCU Trench Wars Staff since 2001
    TWDL, TWL-B, TWL-D, TWL-J, TWDT-J Champion

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    Proxomitron - 1
    Light - 0
    LAME -


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      Its good but the background pic is weird


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        Good good, I was gonna say "you can close this window" yes im not disabled but then found out what it mean wiv the popu thing, the animation and stuff is good, a but small btu that could be my res


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          Its pretty damn cool Ara =)
          The player with the biggest nuts.

          - destroy


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            Heh thanks destroy,
            forgot to say it's for IE only

            So be sure you're using Internet Exploder.
            Last edited by Ara; 08-02-2002, 09:19 AM.
            Ara / AraGee / Death
            SSCU Trench Wars Player since 1999
            SSCU Trench Wars Staff since 2001
            TWDL, TWL-B, TWL-D, TWL-J, TWDT-J Champion


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              Matthew> Goddness is fat and has big fingers takes ur 1 hour to start a game <probbly eating>


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                this is by far one of the most origional ideas for a web site i have ever seen

                this is the next generation in web design

                i am dazed and amazed, good job

                PS: this might just be so amazing to me because i dont see very many sites, but it is seriously awesome


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                  Originally posted by Shadows Fall
                  Its good but the background pic is weird
                  Someone agrees with me

                  I fucking own you in the warbird, shut the fuck up.


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                    Freaking impressive! keep it up
                    I'd rather be SubSpacing.


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                      I would like to see that popup window expand to the width of the screen.

                      A border at the bottom of the window (like the top title bar) would be nice look if you used my first suggestion.

                      You can close the back window automatically with javascript. But I don't know if you'll be able to avoid the "Close this window" confirmation prompt that you get from pages closing other pages.
                      If you figure out how, please let me know.

                      Other than that, looking very nice.
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                        Ara, not as sweet as the Scrotal's site you once made :oP, but very nice, the background picture looks weird and I miss a jukebox. :o)



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                          Flash is cool. Nice site =)

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                            Even better than when you showed me the other day. I think it's great. Hell i still use your Skin for cont of Scrots and Shin.
                            The only TWO TIME TWLJ All-Star and TWLB All-Star who never played a game.

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                              Nifty stuff! Well done!
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