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    Also, this shit keeps happening.

             ixt> says im borrowing the max number
             ixt> i forget who i borrowed
    Nipple Nibbl> .!list
           Beast> .!list to bot
             ixt> only says whos in


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      Ok, fair enough. If no one objects to the change of the borrow limit for bd going from 6 to 7 I'll set it in about 24 hours. Is the limit of 3 still fine for dd and jd, or should we just go to the max there as well? The changes are easy to make, could have them set to max for a week or so and look at it again with some more practical info.

      I'll see to it that the !list command lists all borrows. I'm not quite sure what it's showing now, but I think it would be nice to have all players borrowed to be on the list together with pending borrow requests. Any other info that should be shown?


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        Another thing that happens is when you are borrowed but not added when you myfreq it says you arent on the team. Are you an eligible sub or not idk.

        4 for ddjd would be good. I dont think that'll happen often but the whole idea behind this thread is removing restrictions that dont need to be there.


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          !listborrows added (!lb, !borrowlist, !bl work too). It shows all borrowed players for your team, whether the borrow is still pending or not.

          Borrow limit set to 4, 4, and 7 for twdd, twjd, and twbd respectively.

          !myfreq (!mf) now also works for borrowed players.


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            Biet delivers. Ty.


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              Oh ok, we can borrow 4 now in twdd. Good to know. Thought it was 3. Wish stuff like this was announced in the arena's sowewhere, maybe a message in A1 with all the cool updates from borrowing, to applying to squads in-game. More people need to know!
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