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  • New head of TWD

    New Head of Trench Wars Divisions

    Greetings fellow players. Attacks here.

    Today I will be taking over the role as Head of TWD officially. I have spent the last week working behind the scenes brushing up on my TWD knowledge and this has been a handover in the pipeline for a few weeks. Sorry about the secrecy however I didn't feel it was right to put myself publicly as head until I was properly prepared.

    You may have noticed that things have been rather quiet lately in terms of communication. For that I apologize. However, despite the lack of communication recently we have been busy and I can tell you to expect some great changes coming soon to TWD.

    Qan continues his great work with the rating system based on the work of Ogron and he will have the final bugs ironed out soon. Once these final tasks are complete we will be ready for an immediate TWD reset with a fresh start to a new season. I will be putting out another announcement in the next few days which will go into detail what to expect from the new TWD season.

    I’ve felt for a long time that Trench Wars Divisions has become a forgotten league. Today it simply acts as a training ground for larger and more important tournaments. Random resets with little notice have not helped keep things in order. The league has no identifiable structure. If I asked you when one season begins and one ends you would not have an answer.

    I feel like TWL takes the full spotlight leaving TWD without any prestige, giving players no incentive to take it seriously.

    I believe with some smart planning, things can be improved in a positive way.

    Let’s use English Football/Soccer as an example. Do all players forget the Premier League exists when the Champions League is happening? No.

    Do they forget the Premier League when the FA Cup is about? No.

    TWD should be the bread and butter league in which we all play as it is accessible 24/7 and open to everyone. I see it’s not getting the much needed love it deserves. The TWD heroes are unsung and the villains let off without a hook.

    It occurred to me when writing TWLD Hot or Not for Season 21 with statistics provided by Ogron how TWLD became the most hyped league simply due to the fact it was talked about. I want to make all of TWD talked about, all 3 leagues.

    What do I want from you?

    For the moment all I ask if for little patience as we perfect the TWD ratings and finish the borrow players system. I will not launch the TWD season before we are ready and can deliver the best possible league, though I can tell you its very near indeed.

    I also want to arrange a public feedback session with staff members and players to discuss and expand on a few ideas on which I have the date which will be announced in the next couple of days it will most likely be at the end of TWDT Week 2. As an active player, I have noticed in the last year how so many people have fantastic, positive ideas but simply feel that they were not listened to. So, I tell you this - my door is always open. Please talk to me and let me know your ideas. I can't promise you I will implement all of them but I will listen and take every suggestion on board while making the important decisions that will shape the league moving forward..

    I want to make your time playing this game as pleasurable and exciting as possible and if this is the twilight years of this game (which I don't think it is, I think we will head in the other direction) I want those years to head off with such a bang that you will remember this game forever.

    I am on your side, so if you don't like something be sure to tell me.

    Please keep tuned for new announcements soon

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    This is outstanding. Good job attacks
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      You have to make people want to belong to squads.
      That doesn't work if the squads all dissolve when TWL starts.
      Think: Disoblige, Pallies, Final, etc... they stuck together and made a name for themselves.
      The #1 thing on your list should be to stop the seasonal squad migration.


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        Originally posted by Attacks View Post

        I am on your side, so if you don't like something be sure to tell me.

        I don't like your face
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          lol i like this guy.....up in ya!! did a great job of raising him with a stern hand
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            This is good news for the zone. Sorry Shadow, I give you credit for having a lot of ideas, but no one seems to appreciate how delicate the tw ecosystem is with so few players remaining. Attacks, I encourage you to make some changes. Firstly, stop penalizing players for doublesquadding - these are the players who want to play more. Doublesquadding is just no longer a problem. Spend efforts elsewhere and allow everyone to play as much as they want in TWD. Heck, it might even allow everyone to really figure out who they want to squad with in TWL a little more, develop more relationships with other players, and these would be good things for the zone. Just my 2 cents.


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              With the player borrow command now in test phase (message matchbot !borrow name) I don't see any need for double squadding.
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                I fucks witchu!
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                  Yess awesome . nice work my masterful friend


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                    Good luck in the new role.

                    Seeing as TWD is the most successful automated system on SS, it would be a great to have more variety than just DD/JD/BD. I still think 4v4/5v5 spider could be a winner, and perhaps variations on basing.