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    Hi all

    Putting this in it's own post as it quite far through the other !borrow post

    Originally posted by qan View Post
    Quick update on some tweaks and additions to the borrow system.

    • !borrowme allows players to add themselves to a list of players to be borrowed. PM to TWDBot, specifying the league (dd/jd/bd) and it adds you to the list. The bot will PM you when borrowing is enabled in a match. !borrowme is valid for 1 hour, but you can redo it as often as you like.
    • Squads looking for players to borrow can type !borrowlist dd/jd/bd to see a list of players currently online who want to be borrowed. PM them directly to recruit. When you enable !borrow you may have seen this reminder.
    • New !borrow games and players using !borrowme now show up on chat=borrow
    • Borrow games should now show correctly across the TWD site (msg me if they don't)
    • You can now enable borrowing and add new borrowed players at any point during the match


    Join ?chat=borrow to be alerted when borrowing is enabled in a game - this is great if your squad is offline and you wanna have a game!
    PM TWDBot !borrowme JD to be borrowed in JD
    PM TWDBot !borrowme DD to be borrowed in DD
    PM TWDBot !borrowme BD to be borrowed in BD
    PM TWDBot !borrowlist to see who has enabled !borrowme