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    Paladen should be given more respect. Like wolven creed back to bully except their still dueling and everyone switches to basing instead. It wins the division, but forgets the most important part of the game which is Base. Also Zidane and Tiny seem even match. Tiny is America, Zidane is Canada. Some sort of rivalry forming or stuff eh? Or not.
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    TWDTB Season 15 Trench Wars Draft Basing: TWDTB Champion & Medal
    TSLB All-Star Season 2: Medal 1 Win-Baser in 2 or 4 to 10 Zones('Grab the Flag')&Paladen Best Old Squad 50 Members-former whiterabbits squad, fan and member: Invincible
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      i dont need to show your mother any basic edicate when i defile and absolutely ravage her, now do I?
      big sean> L!O!L!
      Cres> ?
      Cres> its mine now.
      destruct <> WATER U DEWIN
      paradise> Dewin? Ill take that. using that now
      destruct <> u welcum
      thix> Lol this shit is ban hannah's.
      cripple> ?
      paradise> ?
      Cres> You can keep that one.