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  • TWD - Real Shot - The Diss

    Sup TW'ers,

    Today I take shots at the clown we all know to be Henry Sowwy. Actually I didn't take shots, I BURIED him.

    I am fed up with him, his laziness, being powerhungry, incompetent and in a position he doesn't deserve. I decided until he steps down that I will be relentless against him, taking shots constant, this is only the beginning if he wants to go to war.. I'll give him W.O.R.! (Wolf of Rap). Help me take back our zone, with your help, anything is possible yo!

    I recommend using headphones when listening to this diss as I added some surround sound features that unless you have a good sound setup, you probably won't catch.

    Love you Jessup. Oh and TSL can eat my penis, along with every other bad league besides TWDT.



    the Bad Wolf of Rap (WOR) is back! feel free to Thank henry for that.
    I'm done sitting idly by, so I'm back on the Attack.
    But..I'm not here to kill the zone. Nah.. I'm here to TAKE it back.
    Chalk is ready for an Outline.
    Pool sized hole is in the Back(yard).
    Body-bag with the Zippers.
    They call me a BARBER with these Clippers.
    Bout to blast him out of his Slippers (Henry).
    Hole in his top like a Dolphin, even PETA can't save this FLIPPER.
    His basement will be looking like scenes from Clockwork Orange starring Jack the Ripper.
    I'll become his Doppelganger, giving TW a Respirator.

    your a padwan and I'm DARTH VADER.
    I'll be taking my lightsaber..
    Shoving up your ass until you feel the HEAT from this Troublemaker.
    I'm TW's only Savior..
    Your TW's biggest FAILURE..
    Your Soft like the rubber you used on Jessup's ass when you bent him (her) over.

    Hope your not well!
    Better be careful when your checking the Mail.
    You just might end up sharing a room with Visage when I send you to HELL.
    You want us to call you the Dean?
    We're like "What the fuck do you Mean?"
    The only job you have to Do you CANT... run a few fucking leagues.
    Mentally it's too far out of Reach.
    You can't even practice what you Preach!
    You got to be Sick, all you do is ride DICKS somebody give you some Vaginal Cream!
    FUCK IT!
    I'm sick of incompetent staffers Always throwing up that Smoke Screen.

    Can't hide from mE!
    I'm causing a Bloodstream, chopping Them all up, throwing Them Downstream!

    CHORUS. (see above)

    Yo this Shit still isn't even Over..
    I'm Freddy Kuger stalking you from every Corner!
    I'mma grab the Gas! Then I'mma grab the Light!
    Blow these faggots up. Make them see the Light!
    Please tell me I'm not Right!
    That I'm impolite!
    Staff's a bunch of Dwarves!
    Henry is Snow White!
    I'm the poison apple, make him take a bite!
    FUCK YOU! You can go "NIGHT NIGHT"..
    Send your white knights you fucking Parasite!
    What's a pillow fight when against Dynamite?
    Dunk on you hoes like a Meteorite.
    We are NOT the same. We are night and day!
    Fucking Black and White.
    I'm the Great White, too much Appetite.
    I stand above you hoes like a Satellite.
    Still thinking you'll be alright?
    You just haven't felt this Frost Bite! (winters coming..)

    CHORUS. (see above)

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