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    I played every fking game. Ez Children.
    "Action is the real measure of intelligence. "
    Napoleon Hill

    wiibimbo>I'm gonna take u out next week for a beer and pizza at Leonardo' homo tho! I prefer big boobs
    Dral>I can get implants


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      I think it was a great success. Commentary was an awesome addition! Vys really was the icing on the cake, those brits are wild!

      Thanks to everyone who participated. A SUPER thanks to Aura for hosting and doing all this work. I'd have to be paid to handle all the tedious, annoying crap you guys incessantly bitch and moan about! No offense though!

      4:BigKing> xD
      4:Best> i'm leaving chat
      4:BigKing> what did i do???
      4:Best> told you repeatedly you cannot use that emoji anymore
      4:BigKing> ???? why though
      4:Best> you're 6'4 and can't use emojis like that
      4:BigKing> xD


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        MAD shoutouts to MUHH BOIIS CHILDREN and AURA ATM. Aura put huge effort making this league run this year. Only negative thing I can think of would be the rule changes after and during draft. But all good. Ch├Żldren just doing his thing, making great commentary with rest of the crew.

        Also wanna thank all who played for me: Bobflop, coldturkey, dsb, end, euforia, evildeed, flared, katc, kute, major crisis, NL>trigger, renzi, riverside, sakke, shayde, slum, steep, stylez, supreme, torcher and zizzo. Rest of the roster was quite useless, no offense.

        Finally best spectator award goes to.. Supreme Authority
        Season 12 champion TWLD / TWLJ
        Season 18 champion TWLJ / TWLB
        Season 19 champion TWLB (C)

        Season 6 champion TWDT-J TWDT-B (C)
        Season 10 champion TWDT-J (C)
        Season 11 champion TWDT-B (C)
        Season 13 champion TWDT-B (C)
        Season 17 TRIPLE CROWN TWDT (C)

        The winningest TWDT captain of all time


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          I wont three awards while not being present, again, who can beat me!
          (Children)>hunted for life
          (zhou)>ofc u hear things cus ur still a virgin
          :zhou:i dont wanna go deaf bro


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            np dreamwin my back still hurts from mvping every rnd of jav tho :laugh: