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TWDT 21 Schedule

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  • TWDT 21 Schedule

    Here is the tentative schedule for TWDT 21 regular season. Please review in case I missed anything. In particular, let us know here if there are any problems such as teams playing each other more than once per week per league, or if there are any suggested changes.


    Quick reference:

    July 19-- Draft (3:00PM EST)
    July 26 - Preseason 1/2
    August 2nd-- Game 1/2
    August 9th-- Game 3/4
    August 16th -- Games 5/6
    August 23rd -- Games 7/8
    August 30th - Games 9/10 (FA Draft, 1:00 PM EST)
    September 6th -- Games 11/12 Trading Deadline (11:59 PM EST)
    September 13th -- Games 13/14
    September 20th-- Games 15/16
    September 27th-- Games 17/18
    October 4th-- Quarter Finals
    October 11th -- Semi-Finals
    October 18th -- Finals

    Teams will compete against every other team twice in each league throughout the regular season.

    Regular Season Timeslots:

    TWDT-D -- 2:00PM EDT
    TWDT-D -- 2:30PM EDT
    TWDT-J -- 3:00PM EDT
    TWDT-J -- 3:30PM EDT
    TWDT-B -- 4:00PM EDT
    TWDT-B -- 4:30PM EDT

    Playoff Timeslots:

    TWDT-D -- 2:00PM EDT
    TWDT-J -- 3:30PM EDT
    TWDT-B -- 5:00PM EDT
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    Can't we just test all things during week ( there's 6 days wich isn't bad at all), so we can skip pre season and start Sunday?
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      Add pre-season?


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        Regular season is too long lmao


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          Things never get tested before, be happy they are putting in the effort to do pre-season and make sure bots/zone don't screw up. You don't have to show up for pre-season games.
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