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TWDT & TWL Scorebox Export (Recent Seasons)

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  • TWDT & TWL Scorebox Export (Recent Seasons)

    Ogron asked me for an export of all the boxscores for recent TWL & TWDT seasons (since we've been using the new websites)
    Currently they're not publicly available since we stopped posting scoreboxes on the forums.

    It's good to keep this data public for safe-keeping so I've built an export tool for both TWDT and TWL sites that will dump all the scores.

    TWDT (4 seasons)
    (Only 2 seasons have scorebox data though as we were still using the forums at that point)

    TWL (1 season)
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    Amazing work, Wirah, thank you!
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      Thank you for doing this!! I think it’s especially helpful for captains making draft plans. Any way you can include a section for the stats pages so you can see who the top wb/jav/etc were?
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        Should be as per here but it seems not working WingZero


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          Wirah is there any way you can make it so you can click on players names on the DT site, similar to TWD website, except have it show not only previous team history but also stats from previous years as well. This would not only show how well players played but also a big thing is how many games they played. This would help judge someone's show rate for caps as well as skill.
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            Wirah hey could we get exports of the TWDT 2020 seasons please, thanks!
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