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  • TWDT warbird draft analyses

    Fantastic draft day is behind us and some very interesting teams have emerged. Let's take a look at how captains drafted and how could the lineups look like. Probably I have no clue, what I am talking about, but here we go:

    [U][B](superstars combined with underrated low vps)[/B][/U]
    [B]KOBE (9.5)[/B]
    Best had good draft, being first to pick gives you good opportunity to get whoever you want, but then you have to wait for a long time and adjust to what is left available for you. Considering that, I think Kobe has one of the best lineups and a lot of variety as well. Best (10), bike (9.5) and zidane (8) will need some lower stars to accompany them, but there are many options for both 7.5 (sarger, ekko, rampage, hellzno!, exalt) and 7.0 slot (tpz, jessup, lee). Alternative option is benching bike, which could allow both 8.5 stars (zapata and riverside) to play alongside 7 star player to have more balanced lineup.

    [B]NIGHTMARE (8.5)[/B]
    Nightmare has similar setup to Kobe. Mythril (10) and flew (9) can be joined by variety of setups. One version could use 2 8 star players ( from cripple, warrior, star fox) and 1 7 star player (Kassius). But it is more likely that Gen X will use format, that has a bit more choices and activity with 1 8 star player and 2 7.5 star players (from Gen X, Aprix, Roiwerk, Zeebu, Helios). There are really no weak links, if flew gets back to old level, this team can bite everyone, but 7.5 players are crucial in staying alive and contributing.

    [B]TREYWAY (9.0) [/B]
    Morph and saiyan are out to fix mistakes made last season, where orcas flopped unexpectedly in wb. They have made really wise choices and I can see them going far. There are really 2 lineup choices. One with saiyan (10), morph (9.5) and sprackle showing up (9). This superteam needs 7 star (warthog/Klean X/clefairy) and 6.5 (groan/apt/laser/yogi). Both warthog and groan can definitely hold their place and that freq can beat anyone. If sprackle does now show, team gets more balanced as they can then fit 3 7.5 star players in (rylo/skatarius/product/wbm/) or similar like 7 + 8 (jack) + 7.5.

    [B]OUTLAW (8.5)[/B]
    Outlaw has similar setup as previous teams with vys (10) and iron survivor (10) first names on the teamsheet. If maketso (8.5) shows up, they can make a formidable team, with other slots going to 7 star (sunny d/delos/rinsed/dutch baser) and 6.5 star (jammu/snes). If maketso fails to show, they can use more balanced team with 7 star accompanied with 2 7.5 stars (dwopple/zizzo/spectacular). Question remains how teamwork goes for this team, both vys and iron like to be the players to flank and hunt players on their own, which could leave rest of the team vulnerable. Survival of lower vps is key in this teams potential to win.

    [B]HELMET (9.5)[/B]
    Helmet is the last team to have similar setup with Lockdown (10) and Racka (10) carrying the load. If they want to also include poor beam (9), this could mean they need really strong performance from low vps, as they can add only 2 6.5 star players (honcho/tj hazuki/beast). Then again, i feel like all those 3 are very used to this role and a bit underrated as well, so it could work out. More balanced team would be without beam, as they can then add 8 star (bombed/hulk) 7.5 star (heaven/uprise/ra) and 6.5 star player. There are some great choices there, bombed being all time best dueller in EG has definitely more potential than 8 stars, if he comes back to activity.

    [U][B](balanced all the way[/B][/U])
    [B]TERRORIST (7.5)[/B]
    Dreamwin hasnt really made things easy for him. Without any high vps, he will be in trouble if some people start missing games, as there is basically just 1 option to even have a 42 lineup and he is really depending on specific people to show. Then again, lineup has no real weak links. 9 star (Dak) can be fitted with 2 8.5 stars (dreamwin/geio) and 2 8 star players (aggi/props).
    So that lineup in itself is not bad with loads of experience and no bad players. Problem is that if any of those 5 people do not show, there will be drop in quality. With long season ahead, it is hard to imagine they not having those issues along the way.

    [B]GRYFFINDOR (7)[/B]
    Another team heavily relying on people to show up, also only team who does not even have a 9 star wb player. This setup includes 4 8.5 star players (ogron/absurd/rasaq/clark kentaro) and 1 8 star players (renzi/kado/tiny). For this to happen, every 8.5 star player has to show up for every game. Tough luck to anyone rated below 8 stars, as they are highly unlikely to get a game in wb this season. For me, it feels one of the weakest teams with really no-one to carry. They need to stick together, try to take some opponents low-vp out and really prove to be underrated to go anywhere in this league. I checked some previous data and there has been 1 team making it to finals without any 9 star or higher players, that being Haze in 2019.

    [B]RAPID (8)[/B]
    Rapid is in similar situation as ogrons team. They need all their high vp players to show, or they cannot really go up to 42. Their top lineup can fit 2 9star players (tripin/siaxis) and 3 8 star players (violence/jurassic/jz/paky dude/danslams/booker007). Then again, sometimes having no weak links is more important than having a gamedecider in ranks. If they do some good teamwork and siax/tripin are active, they definitely have a chance.

    Overall, I feel like this draft is more balanced, it is interesting to see which works better, going for underrated low vps and superstars or having balanced and experienced freq.

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    Wat a gr8 fuking breakdown ty 4 this Lee


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      I am impressed at the draft this DT. Teams look pretty evenly matched for the most part aside from maybe Terrorist who look slightly weaker than the others (speaking for WB) and am eager to see how the season unfolds. You can bet papa Lock and Godking RaCk are going to be a real force to reckon with. Can't wait! For someone who doesn't play much WB (no offense) your assessment wasn't bad. Thanks for the writeup my dude.

      PS: I did want to say I think Gryffindor drafted better than they got credit for. They have some real powerhouses on standby. My bro Rasaq has been a beast lately and Absurd too. Kentaro is a legend when he's not rusty, as well as Tiny and Ogron. Kado and Renzi while it's not their preferred ship can do plenty of damage in wb and are aggressive players, great for breaking lines. I'd imagine if this unit can get everyone firing on all cylinders can be quite dangerous this DT but that might be the sentiment for all teams truly.
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        SICK write up Lee, excited to see how this season plays out $
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          Nice writeup Lee.
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          RaCka> mad impressive


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            nice write up! these teams looking good this season.


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              coken master level 10 for dt
              IMA HOE

              Whacha gonna do on mawnin when you wake up to an M-16 nozzle at ya jaaaaaw.