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SSCE Hockey/Football Zone Training and pub/scrim for new players

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  • SSCE Hockey/Football Zone Training and pub/scrim for new players

    Tonight (Tuesday Nov 16) at 7:30-7:45pm Eastern I will be organizing a few great drills/teaching key concepts to becoming a great hz player. At around 8pm the zone should have plenty of people for public/organized scrimmages

    There is pub every night including weekends starting at around 8pm, sometimes even earlier

    If you want to learn a few great drills and concepts come to HZ before TSL/Basing cup tonight and then stay for pub/scrim if you want. All players are welcome

    Furthermore HZ currently has 2 organized leagues for new players and both are great. Tons of TWers are in these leagues.

    Hope to see a few people on the pitch tonight!

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    TSL / Basing Cup runs from 7:00pm EST - 9:40pm EST tonight but I'll join you in HZ after that
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