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  • New WB map needed


    It's time for a new WB map.

    <I know your mind is blown and old WB'ers are losing their shit right about now>

    Let's be real that WBs fighting in pub spawn is what newbs do. Why do the WB league maps look almost exactly like pub spawn? Whenever I play a WB match I sigh and mutter something like why is this map just like pub spawn...

    Flying around with some random space rocks is just boring. TW is centered around playing in a base setting.

    True WB skill is arc-ing shots around walls or through tight holes taking out your enemy. They thought they were safe and they are shocked that the shot was even possible.
    Is it skill when you don't die because the enemy's shot was blocked by a random space rock?

    We need new creative maps focused on a combo of some open space like in mid-base but with some short walls and openings to shoot through. This is what real wb skill is about.


    I made a map last year or so and it was loaded but now I can't find it. It was something like WB battle royale. I also made ?go pbr (Pub Battle Royale) as an alt pub style 14 vs 14 battle royale with two terrs on each team, ship limits so you don't have all javs, and new base access points like on opposite sides of the roof so you need to protect mutiple places and also sneak in new ways.

    Anyway, we need to create new maps, test them, and get something more fun to play on as the current WB map is old and very boring, IMHOTITR (In my humble oppinion that is totally right)

    You shouldn't be able to fly around forever and have a hard time finding the other players. The map is just too big! If it was a game of hide and seek like zombies then I'd be OK with it but it is not supposed to be zombies. Am I right? I AM RIGHT!

    So do we have a few people that want to have a chat about this and make some maps?


    PS. I know many will shit themsevles over this post so if you're offended and think the map should never change then you can start your own thread about how the map that is 25 years old is the best and how change scares you. But here lets discuss what should be included in a new WB map. What would make it fun to play?
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