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    Hey guys i was wondering if any one who has facebook wouldnt mind joining the TW FB group.. it has many players from the past and could be the possibility for them to return to the the game.. would appreciate if you guys can help out.. we want to do our best to make sure to bring more players, and if each one does one small step towards that goal it can be accomplished. Never under estimate self powers. Good day and Gd Bless

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    As much as I appreciate the intent behind this thread.. some players are creepy stalkers - yes really, they will google you and find your shit and fuck with your life. If you join that Facebook group with your real name it makes it really easy for them.

    It is also a public group - meaning anyone can see that you are in the group and read what you post. The alternative is a private group, which exposes info and content to members only. A private group doesn't protect you from malicious players, but provides reasonable protection from account cloning (where someone makes a profile that appears to be you and friend requests other group members and exploits their trust).

    Consider yourselves informed and warned, continue at your own risk.


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      Rab ya i agree.. was just something.. i justreally care about this game.. i prlly should delete this thread.. Thanks for your resposne.