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Suggestion: Migrate all the twd bots into one arena for TWDD, TWJD, and TWBD

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    yeah the elim map is the worst performing in the zone


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      Hard no. Here are some of the issues for me:
      • Amount of work compared to gain (+ I can't see the gain)
      • Banzi's point about increased lag.
      • Same issue in getting games going but in addition you have no clue who wants to dd or bd. Worst case scenario a dd, jd and bd starts at the same time and you are trying to !borrow million players.
      • If you actually are there only to spectate it gets messier
      • Separate bots / One bot? If one bot, can it handle 3 games at the time without crashing as often?
      • The person suggesting this
      Season 12 champion TWLD / TWLJ
      Season 18 champion TWLJ / TWLB
      Season 19 champion TWLB (C)

      Season 6 champion TWDT-J TWDT-B (C)
      Season 10 champion TWDT-J (C)
      Season 11 champion TWDT-B (C)
      Season 13 champion TWDT-B (C)
      Season 17 TRIPLE CROWN TWDT (C)

      The winningest TWDT captain of all time


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        Trying to put everything to pub was final nail in EG coffin and made its demise accelerate considerably. If there are issues with pub, then fix pub. Instead EG tried to fix it by forcing former popular baseduel arena into it, which no-one was happy with. Instead of simple logic of getting to arena and starting game you instead ended up with buggy and laggy arena with settings that pleased no-one.
        Having all competitive games in 1 subarena makes somewhat sense. Similar to elim you don't have to change arenas to play either jav or wb.


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          I suggested something similar a long time ago called 'TW General' where TW was consolidated into pub by merging pub, ?go base, ?go wbduel, and ?go javduel into one arena. Willing to at least experiment with stead's idea, but I would suggest starting with the non-league arenas (base/wbduel/javduel).