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    Here's the link to watch the Live Ratings on my twitch. It will be up for 14 days and then get deleted. Also, it's possible Twitch cuts off sections of the stream due to copyright music rules or whatever. If that happens too early I'll upload to youtube.

    Here's the link to the ratings/sheets

    If you think a certain player(s) ratings need to be reviewed, please post in this thread.

    (Name) (current rating) -> (new rating) (league)



    Mcvicar (9.5) -> (10) BASING
    JOESES (9.5) -> (9) BASING
    Willby (8.5) -> (9) BASING
    Markmrw (9.5) -> (9) BASING
    Rough (8.5) -> (9) BASING
    Oder (9) -> (8.5) BASING
    Aprix (8.5) -> (8) BASING
    Rasaq (8.5) -> (8) BASING
    Jessup (6.5) -> (7) BASING
    Wirah (7) -> (6.5) BASING
    Uprise (7) -> (6.5) BASING
    BIET (7.5) -> (7) BASING
    Hackysack (7) -> (6.5) BASING
    Feint (7) -> (6.5) BASING
    Empire (6) -> (6.5) BASING
    Hak (6) -> (7) BASING
    24 (8.5) -> (8) BASING
    Dwopple (9.5) -> (9) BASING
    a2m (9.5) -> (9) BASING


    Flew (9.5) -> (9) WARBIRD
    Pressure (6.5) -> (7) WARBIRD
    Bike (8.5) -> (9) WARBIRD
    Termination 7.5 (7) -> (7.5) WARBIRD
    Mikkiz (7) -> (7.5) WARBIRD
    Empire (6) -> (6.5) WARBIRD
    eel (6) -> (6.5) WARBIRD
    Ogron (8.5) -> (9) WARBIRD
    Rasaq (8.5) -> (9) WARBIRD
    Lifter (7) -> (7.5) WARBIRD
    Cumulonimbus (7) -> (7.5) WARBIRD
    Kentaro (8.5) -> (9) WARBIRD
    Level Zero (6) -> (7) WARBIRD
    Riverside (8) -> (8.5) WARBIRD
    Hackysack (8) -> (8.5) WARBIRD


    Pressure (6.5) -> (7) JAVELIN
    Kess (8.5) -> (9) JAVELIN
    Assembly (7) -> (7.5) JAVELIN
    Dazz (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    eel (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Empire (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Mouse (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Raiji (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Big King (6) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Hak (6) -> (7) JAVELIN
    Jz (7) -> (6.5) JAVELIN
    Best (9) -> (9.5) JAVELIN
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    No offence intended to anyone I name here this is just purely my OPINION and I am trying to be unbias with it. There we a LOT of players raised recently we probably need to bring some down somewhere.

    a2m (9.5) -> (9), maybe even lower He used to be good. He is rusty as hell and sharking with him he feels like a 7 if I am to be honest.
    dwopple (9.5) -> (9) similar to a2m he feels like an 8* when I shark with him.
    markmrw (9.5) -> (9) not really sure why we are bumping up people just because they play shark.
    joeses (9.5) -> (9) consistently shows 2.7 2.8 RPD games and ended with one of the worst RPD from last TWL. Smart shark but not ready for the bump up.
    kado (9) -> (8.5) pretty good under but I don't think he's ready just yet for the bump up.
    oder (9) -> (8.5) I am not sure if it's his lag but he hasn't really been performing like a 9 lately. This is assuming he is played in shark.
    rough (8.5) -> (9) Rough better under spider than Kado, swap these 2 around.
    aprix (8.5) -> (8) what did he do to deserve getting bumped up?
    rasaq (8.5) -> (8) what did he do to deserve getting bumped up?
    vagabond (8) -> (7.5) was awful on marksmin for twl
    jessup (6.5) -> (7) can play all 3 ships, surprisingly was not bad at under on Demacia.

    9.5's being handed out for no reason. 9.5 and 10 * Sharks and Spiders SHOULD be able to CARRY games. When Power won DT-B last season with me swapped in for Terrier for Ogron, is not because I am the better terr, because I am not. It was because Zidane subbed in as a 10* shark and carried. For shark and spider having a 10* in the line should be IMMEDIATELY impactful. Maybe for the ratings we should only allow so many slots for 10* 9.5* and 9*. This would stop the zone from having to change the *cap every season.
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      Came here to post about kado and rough being the wrong way round. Agree with everything Nippler said.


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        Rage, I literally did nothing in base and got bumped up. I did as much as Iron and would've exceeded his stats if I played as many games as him in WB and got brought down from 9. My ratings never made sense, the less I play the higher the grade I get.
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          agreed with rage on all rating changes. it's tough to comment on a lot of this since we don't know star caps, but people are looking at the numbers and it's clear base ratings are either way too high or the cap is too small. (edit: it could be both)
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            Idk where this "maketso only shows for dreamwin" shit started but the history should prove I've shown to every captain until they've benched me multiple times which is the main reason I stop showing on sundays. Maybe sometimes I just forget to log in but mostly I just rather not log in at 1 am to spec.

            Also there are some elite basers with 6* jav ratings and should be upped to 6,5-7* and HAK is around 7,5-8,5

            oh and my rating should be 7-8-7


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              What happened to Cape?? Also yeah Hak is way better than a 6/6/6


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                I agree with most of what RageRitual wrote and had essentially said the same thing last night about sharks before logging off.

                Here's my quick suggestions now that I've had some time to take a closer look at the ratings while comparing players with other players their rating bracket. I feel going ahead with these changes would make it much easier to field competitive 67-star or even 68-star lineups.


                downgrade suggestions

                a2m (9.5)
                -> (9) // extremely rusty, used to be one of the greatest sharks of all time. unimpressive in recent matches and not as committed to the game.
                dwopple (9.5) -> (9) // essentially the same as above, but plays at a slightly higher level than a2m right now.
                joe (9.5) -> (9) // did not have a strong TWLB season or TWDT season, and thus I don't feel he deserves to be bumped up.
                markmrw (9.5) -> (9) // he's on a pretty similar level to joe, and in my opinion has performed better overall. one could make the argument that he deserves to be bumped up based on performance.
                kado (9) -> (8.5) // has slowly fallen off in spider and is at the very least on par with Rough in terms of under.
                24 (8.5) -> (8) // there are essentially no 8-star shark candidates, and i don't think he is on par with omega red or sprackle.
                aprix (8.5) -> (8) // versatile player, but a master of no ship. he was difficult to add on many teams even as a 8-star in older seasons.
                riverside (8.5) -> (8) // same as above. not a bad shark, but not on the same level as the aforementioned ones. this would add some more granularity to ratings.
                rasaq (8.5) -> (8) // we had trouble adding him as 8-star last season, and he did not perform at a level that warranted a bump in rating.
                vagabond (8) -> (7.5) // he has not been good at basing for several seasons, and i highly doubt that will change with his return to the game.
                spawnisen (8) -> (7.5) // does not play much base and recently returned to the game. quite difficult to add when compared to other 8-stars in his bracket.
                beasty (7.5) -> (7) // a victim of getting bumped from an already barely serviceable 7-star rating. he has not played for several years and does not warrant a bump in rating.
                biet (7.5) -> (7) // i don't think he even got added often as a 7-star rating, and would be competing with decent pure basers with his current rating.
                wirah (7) -> (6.5) // same as above, but one tier below. almost no history in the league.
                uprise (7) -> (6.5) // does not play this league at all. it would be difficult to justify adding him even as 6-star rating with old system.
                hackysack (7) -> (6.5) // same as above.
                feint (7) -> (6.5) // same as above.
                tiny (7) -> (6.5) // mostly a detriment to basing lineups.

                upgrade suggestions

                rucci (8.5) -> (9) // he's on a very similar level to Ra and Jurassic and is capable of pulling off some great games. played well last season as 9-star spider.
                willby (8.5) -> (9) // on a similar level to mark and joe these days. he had strong performances in latest twdt-b and twlb seasons.
                empire (6) -> (6.5) // there's no way he should be a 6-star based on his match history. extreme games player.
                hak (6) -> (7) // seems like he's solid at basing, but think he mainly played javelin (and warbird) back in the day.

                more controversial upgrade suggestions based on personal preference

                tj hazuki (8.5) -> (9) // has improved at a rapid pace and has learned how to play aggressively, often pushing out and creating plays. i like the way he plays in base.
                autopilot (8) -> (8.5) // i see him as an individual who has the potential to become one of the better spiders in the zone with some more experience.
                cumulonimbus (8) -> (8.5) // a returning player, used to be one of the better spiders when this game was more active about 15 years ago. a somewhat disrespectful rating in my eyes.


                downgrade suggestions

                raples (8) -> (7.5) // he never gets to play as 8-star, and the two times he did he averaged 1.5 kills and 10 deaths last season. not committed to the game.
                omega red (7.5) -> (7) // i don't think he even got added as 7-star player and almost never plays the ship. plays on a similar level to dwopple and kentaro.
                cranium (7.5) -> (7) // slightly too harsh of a rating for a player who mostly sharked and played warbird. i don't think he has touched javelin in over 10 years.
                biet (7.5) -> (7) // not good enough in javelin team games. purely a warbird and event player with some experience from playing in elims.
                bacon (7.5) -> (7) // 95% of extreme games players simply don't know how to play this ship. he would be barely serviceable as 7-star rating.
                finite (7) -> (6.5) // same as above. he has not even touched the ship as far as i know.
                fermata (7) -> (6.5) // i don't think i've seen him play any javelin in recent times to support such a rating.
                thix (7) -> (6.5) // he would be difficult to add even as a 6-star player in javelin. only explanation i can think for this rating is because he's captaining?
                feint (7) -> (6.5) // very unimpressive in javelin based on match records. old school warbird with little-to-no history in javelin.
                bellflowers (7) -> (6) // he was a 6-star last season as hoppin. no chance to be added even as 6-star that season, so this rating bump is unwarranted.
                mvp (7) -> (6.5) // went 22-40 last season as 7-star javelin. afghan almost never plays the ship, and as mentioned before extreme games players don't know how to jav.
                blt_12 (6.5) -> (6) // not sure what he did to warrant a bump in rating. he never plays the ship.
                whinegum (6.5) -> (6) // same as above.

                upgrade suggestions

                assembly (7) -> (7.5) // cloth is a decent javelin. represents too much value at pure 7-star rating.
                dazz (6) -> (6.5) // way too high risk that he breaks the league as 6-star player. his first game in javelin was decent.
                eel (6) -> (6.5) // same as above, and played pretty decent in some jds.
                empire (6) -> (6.5) // similar level to unlimited. all of these players are from extreme games and might represent a bit too much bang for your buck at 6-star rating.
                mouse (6) -> (6.5) // good player with decent risk to be broken at 6-star rating. rather play safe than sorry.
                oder (6) -> (6.5) // he's on a similar level to markmrw. similar situation as with mouse.
                raiji (6) -> (6.5) // anonym has drastically improved over the years. he might be too strong as 6-star given how he performed decently last season.
                bigking (6) -> (6.5) // similar to anonym. has pulled off some impressive scores in the past, could even make a case to be bumped to 7-star rating, but that might be too harsh.
                hak (6) -> (7.5) // seems like he's still a good player. vaguely remember him from years ago. overpowered at 6-star rating.

                WARBIRD (added slightly after initial post)

                downgrade suggestions

                24 (8.5) -> (8)
                // i don't think he has done anything to warrant a half rating bump in this ship. at his peak this would have made sense .. but nowadays, no way.
                spawnisen (8) -> (7.5) // he has done nothing significant in warbird. recently returned and similar level to many other 7.5-star warbirds.
                stayon (8) -> (7.5) // same as above.
                vagabond (8) -> (7.5) // inactive, recently returned. he was at best a 8-star warbird when he was active and young.
                a2m (8) -> (7.5) // same as above.

                upgrade suggestions

                bram (7.5) -> (8) // similar level to tiny, jurassic, cloth and cripple.
                mikkiz (7) -> (7.5) // throughout the years been one of the best 7-star value in both javelin and warbird. this rating is more accurate for him.
                empire (6) -> (6.5) // solid EG player with high potential. he'll be way too good with his current rating.
                eel (6) -> (6.5) // same as above.

                alternative suggestion

                lower ratings on the following players by half a rating to match the rating of bram: cripple, jurassic, tiny, assembly, kira_yamato~.
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                  HAK really needs some looking into. Dude used to be good in 2008ish, I can't imagine he dropped all the way to 6*s.
                  Also how am I a 7* base when I never even played a basing game in my life


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                    You guys are nuts for putting me at 7 in wb and jav.

                    Can someone explain the justification? I consistently go 1:2 as the 5th guy in dd, and I’ve never done anything in the league. I’m unplayable at 7.
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                      imagine playing for 20 yrs and thinking ur a 6


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                        If we're downgrading known players from 7 in jav, I think I should be a 6.5 too. I haven't played in a serious JD in a decade and I was never a strong player to begin with.
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                          I should probably be lower in basing 7.5 and I’ve never played a legit game of twlb in my entire life lol
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                            Originally posted by Turban View Post
                            raples (8) -> (7.5) // he never gets to play as 8-star, and the two times he did he averaged 1.5 kills and 10 deaths last season. not committed to the game.
                            mvp (7) -> (6.5) // went 22-40 last season as 7-star javelin. afghan almost never plays the ship, and as mentioned before extreme games players don't know how to jav.

                            upgrade suggestions

                            mouse (6) -> (6.5) // good player with decent risk to be broken at 6-star rating. rather play safe than sorry.
                            oder (6) -> (6.5) // he's on a similar level to markmrw. similar situation as with mouse.
                            Agree with pretty much all the corrections, hopefully they are implemented, except these 4.

                            Raples - Due to experience can't be rated that low, 8 suits him in javelin, even though his best season was on season 5..
                            Mvp - Unlike the other egers, he's been around for a few years now. In dueling, more of a wb, but grasps the concept of dueling. 7 seems fair.
                            Mouse and Oder - Unlike a few others, they never, ever play the yellow ship. Oder's lag will also make him +1 in dueling. While 6.5 for Dazz seems fair, comparing to BigKing and Raiji who have more dueling experience, would unplayable em broken in comparisson.


                            Adding my own, other than Turb's.

                            TPZ - 7.5 to 7 in jav. Maybe.
                            Honcho - 6 to 6.5 in base. No doubts here.
                            Breeeze - 6 to 6.5 in wb. Not sure he's aliased or a new guy, but 6 seems broken.
                            Cyclone - 6 to 6.5 in base. Has based various times.
                            Beast - 7 to 7.5 in jav. Would be broken as 7.
                            Let - 7 to 6.5 in base. Hes a wb, with jav experience as well. He's a 6.5 in base, barely played it.
                            Cumulonimbus - 7.5 to 7 in jav. Been many years, and if anything he used to wb as his 2nd league.
                            Assembly - 7 to 7.5 in jav. Compared to I.D and Poid, Cloth should have the same level.
                            Banzi - 7 to 7.5 in jav. But just like TPZ, not sure here. It was his 2nd league, a legend who can be broken when compared to others.
                            Death Row - 7.5 to 7 in jav and base. Man barely even plays his own ship, let alone javelin and base.
                            Fermata - 7 to 6.5 in jav. Alot of 7's better than him.
                            Raples - 8 to 7.5 in base. There has to be atleast a 0.5 gap between his main ship and his supposed 2nd.
                            Beam - 7.5 to 8 in base. If he has a 2nd league, this is it. Has enough experience to be an 8 when compared to the other 7.5.
                            Weak - 7.5 to 8 in jav. Would be broken as 7.5 if he were to bother.
                            Mean Gene - 8.5 to 9 in jav. Would be broken as 8.5 when compared to others.
                            Kira Yamato - 8.5 to 9 in jav. Same as above.
                            Racka - 7 to 7.5 in base. Highest aiming / dodging sense from all the 7s. Could be broken as 7

                            Edit: Beast - 6.5 to 7 in wb. Would be broken.
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                              Originally posted by zidane View Post
                              imagine playing for 20 yrs and thinking ur a 6
                              Asking because I genuinely don’t know and wouldn’t even know where to look: what was your wb rating the year you played yourself and broke out in DT-D?

                              Multiple wbs including Iron and turb said I am a 6 or less and unplayable at 7. Would you play me at 7?