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Cash Prize Payout Breakdown

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  • Cash Prize Payout Breakdown

    This is the official payout breakdown. wb/jav/base scoring race are for regular season gamescore rank 1-5 in wb/jav and 1-8 in base. All basing ships will be combined with a new formula and we will only count the best 14 out of 18 games to give captains an opportunity to play with lineups or for players to miss a couple weeks without being eliminated from the race.

    Random prizes will be a streamed randomized name taken from all players who participated in the week's matches and get at least 1 kill or death.

    Overachiever will be voted on forums each week by the public from a list of 3 players nominated by my voting committee who played above their rating in a particular league. There will be no bias towards 3 leaguers but it will be weighted so the lower your star, the greater your chance of being nominated.

    For champions, in wb/jav it will be the highest 5 gamescore players and the 8 highest in base for the finals only.

    Once again thanks Wirah for making this possible and everybody send your love. Let's have a great season.

    UPDATE: Since I couldn't figure out a formula to line up all basing ships the new payout for regular season base gamescore will be as follows:
    Terr 50/30
    Shark 50/30
    Spider 50/30/10
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    What is the "gamescore"? the score the bot gives? so K-D record, basically?

    if so, its unfortunate that you are paying people to play the game in a manner which makes the experience worse for all involved that are trying to play (and win) a team game. also, what about unders?

    Like... dun care what u do with the money... but its problematic that the approach you've developed here is legit encroaching upon the integrity of the league's gameplay


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      its simply not feasible to design a reward system for Base that doesnt encourage selfish gameplay at the expense of the competitive dynamic.

      you have to just pay the winners or top 2 straight up, no awards for K or score or whatever; otherwise its bad for the league


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        beam told me its just for regular season so i think thats fair trade and dont mind it, but id still like 2 leave my concerns up for the record


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          huge shoutout to wirah for this, going to be a hype season


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            just to clarify its not really a "kill race" it will be regular season gamescore and I will share the formulas before the season starts
            2:Best> i cant tell if missas missing teeth are from undercut knocking her out or her heroin addiction


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              Something else to think about rewarding:
              - league organiser
              - devs
              - staff
              - hot or not writers
              - stats nerds


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                I'm gonna need to revisit the allocation for basing gamescore as it's not realistic to expect the ships to line up against eachother. Might end up just splitting it up and doing top x per ship but stay tuned.
                2:Best> i cant tell if missas missing teeth are from undercut knocking her out or her heroin addiction


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                  Disclaimer: i didn't read most of this stuff, so apologies, if it has been mentioned before.

                  This concerns wb mainly, as I was never proficient anywhere else.

                  -Kills/death over the course of a few games
                  -staying alive, making a comeback, while still being useful for your team
                  -hunting out high deaths
                  -making plays, eg, forcing people into tight spots, luring, forcing a person to shoot at you, dodging and your teammates can vulch
                  -6* players receiving bonus for the entire team
                  -not dying out early, while not hiding
                  -comebacks in general over the course of the match
                  -knock outs
                  -mvp, polled by people watching the game, people who are not biased, people like staff that understand this shit. Which begs the question: who is the mvp when 1 guy goes 20-10 and the other 10-9 in a 50-49 game? What about the one guy left standing with 4-9?
                  -rush/mid/range specialists, because, great players like racka or mythril would value rushers more than dak, for example
                  -the obvious, win, lose, playoffs and finals

                  I believe there should be a group of players, closely linked to wirah who could suggest to wirah and OPs, maybe even captains about some of these things. I have forgotten a few good points to consider, i reckon. So fire away the criticism.

                  Pps. Give qan at least half of the money. Nothing for the captains, unless, they perform... Volunteering is a thankless job. Just start yourself
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                    The Riverside award