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    TWDT Season 25 Ops: Dwopple & RaCka

    Signups & Draft
    Signups are officially open. Please pm the TWDBot in ?go twdt with !signup so we can start to get an idea on players. Signups will close Saturday, June 4th at midnight EST-ish.

    Teams & Star Caps
    Knowing we are in the summer months of reduced activity we are aiming to have 6-8 teams, depending on # of signups. Star caps will also be determined during the week leading up to the draft, dependent on who has signed up.

    Player Ratings & (The) Draft
    Given the busy summer schedules (myself included), we won't be doing a live-stream for player ratings. Instead, we'll be polling a committee of players and take the averages. The draft will be live-streamed on Sunday, June 5th.

    Start Date (Week 1)
    The season will start Sunday, June 12th. # of regular season games will be announced once we have determined the # of teams.

    All other details regarding the league will be posted in the next couple days / weeks, but expect it to be very similar to the past few seasons.

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