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TWDTD draft - who made the best choices?

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  • TWDTD draft - who made the best choices?

    8 great teams are battling it out for twdtd title. Lets see how they look on paper and who has biggest chance of winning it:

    Crimson - (9/10)
    Draft league debutant Hawk has selected formidable team, lead by last seasons best wb Mythril. With lowered freq VPs, its going to be more difficult to field 10* players on freq this time, but I think hawk has compiled potentially very strong team with hawk/renzi/jack supporting mytril and some decent 7 vp like klean-x taking last spot. Alternative is using 2 8* players and 2 7.5* players. They do have banks, dare and product as 7.5*s, who can potenially also play above their vp level.
    If there is some potential weak spot, then it is their lower vp players. Neither of the 4 mentioned had really more than 1 game in last season with not the best scores.

    Freespirits - (9/10)
    Absurd chose also pretty good wb team with loads of experience and especially wb league level experience. Absurd and beam both rocked in twl, winning it with Evil, absurd was one of the best wbs in last league as well, playing as 8.5* then.
    Kassius was one of the most outstanding wbs last season (although now more close to value with 8vps). Rest of the team setup depends on more showups, activity and form going into games, but there are options. Alongside Beam/absurd (9vp), kassius (8vp), mongrel (8vp) can start, who unfortunately is not the most active player. That would leave last spot to one of ekko/lee/clapped (7vp). Other option incase Mongrel is not there, is to use 2 7.5* players sarger and paradise. Especially sarger was really revelation last season. Experienced and good wb team.

    GOAT - (7/10)
    Vys, being a wb of course went and drafted 4 9*+ players. Vys himself, best, flew and siaxes. Its good to have variety, but its really difficult to compile a freq with 41 max vps. Only stayon (8vp) is in middle range. Everyone else is either above 9 or 7.5 and below. Flew and siaxis are both pretty inactive, but even trying to play both best and vys as 10*s will limit the options considerably. Also Best really hasnt played wb on 10* level in recent leagues. Time will tell how this team will do, but usually fielding more than 1 low star player can unbalance the freq fast and leave yourself 4 or even 3v5 in game.

    Power - (8/10)
    Zidane followed ogrons last season logic and made only mid-star freq, where they can field 5 players who are all above 8*. For example zidane/banzi/cripple/props/spartan. With cripple doing really good recently in wb, props having loads of experience and spartan maybe pulling himself together for league, this can be very equal and dangerous freq. But as always, with those types of freqs, in those crucial moments the 9 and 10* players they oppose tend to have some magical moments and pull the game away in the end. Time will tell.

    Pure luck - (8/10)
    Tinys has also no superstars on his wb team, but players with loads of experience like dak, jamal,zapata, zizzo and others. Quite a few options to compile the freq, Jb/spectacular/zizzo/aprix are all very decent 7.5* players. Jessup can play role here as well. In the end for teams like this, what matters most is if the players are connecting mentally, how teamwork works and how they can support each other. In the end similar potential as with Power.

    Terrorist - (9/10)
    Dreamwin had bad luck last season and hopefully his new version of terrorist performs better. He has loads of talent on freq and here it comes more down to if they can all be fit to play. Freq of tripin/sprackle/autopilot/geio looks great, but they can only play if last player on freq is medvac. So its more likely that that out of top wbs only 3 get to play and rest of the spots should be filled by some from 7-7.5* range like hellzno!, rylo or wbm. Terrorist has several players who can actually play above their vp level. Geio/ap/dreamwin himself as 8.5* can easily play at least 0.5 higher. So its a dangerous and well compiled team, lets see how those lower rated players do.

    The Sh1tt1rm1n (6/10)
    Violences team is difficult to rate. There is really only 1 lineup that would actually reach freq limits with attacks (9), bombed (8.5), ra and jz (8) and one of 7.5 rated players like violence or yeh or exalt. Problem is that both attacks and ra are not really the most active players and its difficult to imagine them showing up for entire season. This means that most of times this team will be playing probably at lower total vp levels. Problem is that, everyone else on squad is rated 7 or lower in wb. So I would say this team has some issues at this stage of league.

    Win or die (8/10)
    Racka will also have to find the balance by being 10* himself and still making a balanced freq that does not leave him alone. He has some good wbs to support him in jurassic (9) and riverside (8.5). Zizu and paky dude and 8* are also nice players, but if racka wants to play himself and jurassic, then probably only 1 more 8+* player can be on freq. So alot depends on low stars managing to stay alive and be useful. Players like tpz, honcho, dutch baser, spawnisen, dwopple need to bring their skills.
    Pure luck
    The Sh1tt1rm1n
    Win or die

    The poll is expired.

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    Thanks Lee!


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      nice write up lee.. should be an interesting season nobody looks like a clear cut favorite
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