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TWDTB - who had the best draft?

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  • TWDTB - who had the best draft?

    Just a few more days and our autumn TWDT season is officially starting. Our caps have made the picks, time to check who made the best choices (by order of draft). Here is how base teams are looking:
    Stray (6/10)
    Apparently zapata was picking based on previous season 68 vp limit, which may explain why in no way possible his team is even able to go over 68. Stray does have pretty good spider lineup and experienced shark in Commodo, but having both terr and another shark as mid-tier may cause unnecessary issues for the team. As it looks like currently, basing lineup looks weakest for stray and they need to hope for some FA or trading actions.
    jackie> 7.5
    commodo 10
    zapata 7.5

    sarger 10
    banzi 8
    hellzno! 8.5
    tj hazuki 8.5
    rasaq 8.5

    Terrorist (9/10)
    Dreamwin basing lineup looks very solid. Drafted like a true pro, his first 7 picks with himself form a perfect freq with also some flexibility coming from bench. He has options of using either hurricane as terrier and zizzo as spider, but also switching zizzo for terr and using henri saari, who had great basing cup season, for more firepower in base. DW is defending twdtb champion captain and this freq can also go far. Add dreamwins capability of playing every ship to reduce the effect of some people missing some games and you have one of the contenders of the season.
    zizzo 8.5
    cig smoke 8.5
    violence 8.5

    dreamwin 10
    lockdown 9
    frozen throne 9.5
    henri saari 8
    unlimited 7

    Power (9/10)
    Zidanes experience as draft captain also shows in base roster. With many very high vp players, he must have good showups for lower vps, drafting dad pretty early on shows he understands he needs the best low vps for his freq to work. Zizu has been best terrier in zone for a while, capable of pulling game-winning moves, add high quality sharks and some very solid over spiders, power looks like another contender for the title. There are also options from bench in beam, raazi, iron survivor (all 7.5*) and draft(8.5), adding GenX ability to play multiple ships on a good level reduces the threat of poor shows. Less vps in under spiders of course means this could be the weak spot for Power.
    zizu 10
    zidane 10
    genx 8.5

    skatarius 10
    brethal 9
    jack 8.5
    lee 7
    dad 6

    Bunnies (8/10)
    Spartan drafting is a bit weaker compared to Zidane or DW. He has of course some top quality players on roster, but lack in good mid-tier pilots suggests he may have really hard time fitting all the key players in game. I had real struggle trying to work his freq up to 69, but numbers do not seem to match. Spartan (10), hulk (10), rough (9) and autopilot (9.5) all deserve a spot, also aprix looks like to be only terrier on squad. After having those names on board, it gets tricky. Paradise looks like a good choice for shark, but his show-ups are really unreliable, so it could happen that mvp (8.5) needs to take the place, which means 2 spiders left can be max 14vp. So its either x-demo + dak (only 7* players) or then groan (8) partnered with some 6vp player (beanv, pawner, captor). If spartan can figure this out or paradise commits to this season, bunnies are looking scary this season.
    aprix 8
    hulk 10
    paradise 8

    spartan 10
    autopilot 9.5
    rough 9
    mvp 8.5
    beanv 6

    Pure Luck (8/10)
    Tiny has also some questions he needs to figure the answer to as league moves forward. What is clear for the setup is very strong shark duo in dwop and omega, very solid over spiderline with mouse, hellkite and creature. Rabbit at 7.5 sounds also like perfect choice for under spider. Question remains if oder will be given chance to terr or tiny will continue doing it. There are really no high vp subs available, but siaxis and ardour (both 7.5) can play their part as well. At least it is highly unlikely mouse will have to bench this season due to not being able to match freq cap rules, if anything tiny may have issues getting his team up to max at times.
    tiny 7.5
    dwopple 9.5
    omega red 8.5

    mouse 10
    hellkite 9.5
    creature 8.5
    oder 8
    rabbit! 7.5

    Ethereal (9/10)
    Ekko has definitely done the best job in his base drafting compared to wb and jav. There are solid players for all ships, if anything Ekko may have biggest issue finding out what players in what ship actually work best as a team. Looking at different combinations there are actually 3 possibilities for terrier, which is very rare, there are sort of wild cards in wbm/vys in how often they show. Ekkos shark duo has best combined VP in entire league. Only thing Ethereal does not really have are playable low vp players (only cyclone and stinging metal below 7). Jz as 7 is good option if ekko wants to play wbm (9). There are options in clark kentaro and dare (both 7.5). So solid team all over, just a question of activity for some of the players.
    ekko 8.5
    cape 9.5
    willby 9.5

    banks 9.5
    vys 8.5
    dutch baser 8
    rucci 8
    rozay 7.5

    Prime (8/10)
    Rackas team is in the same boat as stray with even playing with top 8 highest rated players, they cannot get up to 69 points, 68.5 being maximum. At the same time they are only team to have 2 10* spiders in cripple and renzi, so there is definitely much firepower in the base. There are some questions about the sharks, as riverside can be on an off in the ship and there are really no other options but to play him in every game, as at least I did not find anyone else known to shark on the roster besides him and joe, also the combined vps of sharks is the lowest on Prime, could be weak spot to exploit. Spookeone is also known for very safe playstyle, so this could cause some issues for the team.
    spookedone 8.5
    joeses 8.5
    riverside 8

    cripple 10
    renzi 10
    racka 8
    clefairy27 8
    beast 7

    Cloud (7/10)
    Cloud looks another team that does not really have that perfect balance in compiling a freq. Apart from myth himself, it looks like tpz may have to fill the shark role for the time being, which seems a bit of waste. If that is the case, Cloud will be also only team to have to field 3 7.5 or lower rated spiders, which leaves them a bit weak on firepower. At this stage Cloud looks a bit unbalanced for me.
    mikkiz 10
    mythril 10
    tpz 8.5

    absurd 10
    stayon 9.5
    geio 7.5
    mercede$/paky dude 7
    rylo/coupe/luidae 6.5

    In base, showups matter more than in anything, so that is hard to estimate, but for me, terrorist, power and ethereal look the strongest bunch out of there, with stray looking like the weakest team currently of the bunch.
    Pure Luck
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    BIG TWDTB HYPE!!! Nice writeup again, Lee

    FWIW, in general, Tiny has issues getting up to max at times.
    zidane> big play
    Omega Red> dwop sick
    mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
    WillBy> ^^

    1:Chief Utsav> LOL
    1:Rule> we dont do that here.

    cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


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      Lots of strong teams, hard to pick one. Good job caps.