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  • TWL 24 Free Agency Sign-ups

    We are in the final stretch of TWL Squad Qualifications which end tomorrow, February 24th at 11:59 PM EST. While this will effectively cap the # of squads participating in TWL, players will still be free to move around to and from other TWL squads until after week 3 matches have ended, and the roster Hard Lock goes into effect.

    I've created an easy sign-up form for players to add their name to the list of Free Agents. You'll need to use a valid Google account to use this form. Free Agent names will display on the main TWL 24 Rosters Google Sheet where Captains can manage their respective rosters.

    Edit: I created a new Sign Up topic and merged Rab's original post and all responses here.
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    If you want a squad to recruit you, post here about it.


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      cud base
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        are you locked as shark


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          no, that was only to get a lower rating in twdt, no ratings in twl so free to do whatever, assuming ppl would want me in spider but willing to play shark if that's what's needed.


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            I do believe I am squadless as well.

            RIP Juice
            Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
            Message has been sent to online moderators
            2:BLeeN> veh yes
            2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
            2:BLeeN> ok then no
            :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
            (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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              What? If Vehicle's assumption of juice is accurate and that they're dead, then I guess I am a FA.

              I might add, I'm only looking to TWLB if any squad is interested in having me, I know of one. My lag is pretty shit and I'd like to stay away from WB if possible. I tried VPNs, tried different protocols for those VPNs, nothing seems to work. I don't know if it's because I'm close to a Nat'l park or what, but playing WB has been an absolute disaster of late.
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                Originally posted by apt View Post

                So despite a couple interest from teams to consider a merge, I think it's best for me to just dissolve juice at the current moment, maybe a return for TWDT.

                But, there are a good number of players on the roster who are new, semi-new, or have returned from long hiatus and would like to continue basing.

                I propose that current active TWLB teams, include 1-2 of them on their TWD roster, per team - to continue basing inclusion and perpetual growth of zone and skill sets.

                Players who most definitely want to play and log on a few times a week are: soupero and jerome I am unsure of, but good guys to have on your chat anyways, kek.

                If everyone co-operates on this, is beneficial to zone, game and community. Forego your elitist mantra and be willing to teach and put up w lossses.
                No one cares about your forum sig champion tags except you.

                Thank you everyone for ur time and im glad tw still alive, nice to be back.
                Yes pls frens, as per my post in TWL thread, players looking for TWL squads. Sans probably Jerome and soupero.



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                  sign me up! /broken
                  10* Spectator TWDT Season. 18, 19, 20, 21, and 23
                  Fake medal holder TWDTB Season 20 and TWDTD Season 21 (only member of POWER with 0 sec played S20, 0 sec played in DTD S21)

                  Season 24:

                  Best in Star Slot - Warbird & Base(GameScore)
                  Best 6* - Snoopie


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                    If anyone is looking to fill a roster spot with a mediocre spider and a barely above avg jav I'm your guy. Prefer to land somewhere where I can get some playing time as I'm fairly active, but I'll take what I can get

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                      apparently nobody needs a spider - really?


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                        r u sure many teams hafint asked u n u just write them off cuz u dun think they haf a gr8 chince 2 win? i cud b wrong but am willing 2 bet my life sivinks of $1 cinidi that juice has asked u but u didn't eefin gif it one thought n said no ty, howefir if u were an opin mindid individuil u would c that juice has sum capabil playirs such as apt vihicil n many othirs, n now w/ the additions of gr8 ripitish strikirs IMIKI RID aswill as HELLZN1! who will fight till the dith and are extremely aggrissif team playirs that dun fear ne1, they now haf a chince 2 b cimpititif. ofc u r blindid though, or mayb juice didnt ask u but i dun c y they wudnt, they seem like a squidrin that doesnt care about ppls ripitition or perceift bad attitudes and will take a chince on ne1


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                          efry1 thinks sum1 else wud ask


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                            Originally posted by Rab View Post
                            apparently nobody needs a spider - really?
                            Man shut up, you know damn well accuracy and juice needs spiders, and I know for a fact you’ve been invited to both multiple times. The issue is you think you’re too good for them and you wanna get carried by the top players in the zone. Check your ego before you post nonsense like this shit.
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                            8:Riverside> UPDATE FOR WEEK 1:
                            8:Riverside> I go 4-60 and we lose 0-6

                            2:saiyan> [Dec 22 21:22] Rough: yo just came on to tell you, can you go on a real date with a girl (need to be specific here lol) instead of talking to claus on forums about calcs and formulas for a league? Happy holidays btw


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                              Originally posted by renzi View Post
                              and I know for a fact you’ve been invited to both multiple times.
                              ?? not true.

                              I don't need to be carried, I am one of the top players. I don't rly believe I should have to carry others tho, that's true. Doesn't change the fact nobody's asked tho.

                              also fuck you guys, toxic af.