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Proposed/Demanded Roster Increase For Hard Lock

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    Originally posted by MousE View Post

    man i didnt realize you had a reading comprehension disorder like the rest of ur squad. Banks isnt on roster and neither is death row for one. We dun have room... Man i know u guys are scared to give me that extra slot for it but didnt reqlize u would try so hard to fuck ur competition.

    2) I am asking for more baser room so our players dont feel forced to commit to showing up every Sunday or we forfeit or play a line that isnt twl worthy. TWL worthy to me is having a line of pure basers. You guys wanting me to add warbirds sounds like DTB.

    3) so ur solution to fix ur roster was to go snake other peoples players knowing how hard it is to find people late. yep you are a peice of of shit and know damn well if we didnt merge with lion we would have had no sharks for twl. Why should i have to ax warbirds to give me a bench spot for base? Get fukt im not axing my friends cuz of ur arbitrary rules that work for league ops so they r cool.

    4) We are asking to take players not currently rostered for a couple bench spots over a long season. I am aware our top line is strong, but if one person doesnt show I have to beg a DDer to play.

    5) its funny u talk about what i look like irl when so many people in SS know what i look like. My wife is hot too sorry man you cant offend me with ur grade 11 insults.

    Not once did i complain about our current roster i want some breathing room for no shows and lagouts. Clearly 13 spots for 3 leagues doesnt work unless you have multishippers. plz read what I write and try to comprehend before responding so you dont look stupid next time.

    Also clearly the 13 roster limit did not help get us any extra competitive teams btw. That was supposed to be the point of it. As ur player commo pointed out there are 4 of his tier 1 squads this year when last year we had 5 teams with a shot at winning. Spas plade fire pando and gun all had what commo would call tier 1 rosters. This limit just furthered the stacking gap and made some vets quit rather then be a burden on a tight roster cap. I know you're a narcissistic shitbag, but try to show some empathy.

    P.S Rage arnt you proving the point as to why roster limits should be increased? You could recruit those warbirds and have a competitive team instead of just taking it up the ass every Sunday... currently going out to lose doesnt seem very good or competitive IMO....That is a league issue and should be addressed, but the clowns running this league do nothing cuz they are on the blessed squads.
    I agree. I mean, is TWL trying to bring down the quality on purpose? First of all, 13 is ridiculously low for a 3 league squad—unprecedented. You ask for one spot more, which is going to increase more players being able to participate and everyone acts as if you are asking for the moon and sky.

    c’mon folks, stop trolling. 13 is insanely low, man lol


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      Have the twl ops even commented on this thread one time?
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        thats like me saying no 10 star stackin
        IMA HOE

        Whacha gonna do on mawnin when you wake up to an M-16 nozzle at ya jaaaaaw.


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          people who cry on fourms are bad exalt
          IMA HOE

          Whacha gonna do on mawnin when you wake up to an M-16 nozzle at ya jaaaaaw.


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            MousE I understand your frustration and that 8+5+5 does not equal 13. My point is that everyone knew this going into the season. The issues you've outlined are real and I'm sure they're difficult as a captain to work within, but they shouldn't come as a surprise.

            The reason why I don't think there should be roster spots added is because other caps may have taken these limitations into account and built their roster accordingly. If every TWL squad agrees that roster spots should be added, then I have no problem with it.
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              imiki rid, cud u plz not b sum ignirint impicil alonkside vihicil. This has nothing 2 do with weeks 1-3 for ripitish. First 3 weeks i could ask people if they can b prisint, and if they can't then i cud vs sum1 else to rostir.

              This thread is about allowing 1-5 more spots for ppl who havent been on a twl rostir yet for weeks 4-end of seasin, which is a 6+ week time period where ciptins will be stuck w/ 0 margin for lagouts/no shows/ppl squid leafink if u dont add some spots. How dimb cud u fuks b 2 not c the diffirince

              stop respondink w/ "it not right 2 change rule aftir seasin stirtid" as your argumint against wut i am sayink. this is the only thing any of u haf said, and its not valid. when something is the right/only thing 2 do, u do it instead of beink scared/clise minded/ignirint.

              do wut i say dwippil, it allows more ppl a chince to vs twl, protects against forfeits/handicip mitchis, and there is 0 downside othir than ignirint fks like imiki vihicil n othir sayink "dun change once seasin stirtid becuz i cud vs explision in2 my diapir"


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                I've been thinking about all the nerd tears being shed...

                While I agree the cap could have been slightly above 13. It definitely shouldnt be close to 18.

                How can you have 18 1-leaguers on a team and call that a squad... More like a bunch of idiots banding together to collect medals in ships they dont even play. Never allow the possibility for that.

                Pretty sure BARELY ANYONE was on different dueling/basing rosters last season. The # of competitive squads is pretty much unchanged in ld/lj, and whatever losses in base can largely be attributed to last year's increased activity due to COVID-19.

                We have ONE squad with a UNIQUE shark/recruiting situation and theyre on here acting like a calamity has occured to all squads. Really good hustle by spezza/mouse/myth, some people like Exalt fell for it and are still running with it LOL.

                Carry on...


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