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Could Roster Limits Be Re-Considered

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  • Could Roster Limits Be Re-Considered

    I didnt say anything in the other thread cuz am just happy to have twl, but upon .01 reflection having split rosters for every league is pretty horrendous

    8-10 person dueling roster for jav/wb and 13 person roster for base or something would be gr8

    roster limits were great last season the only problem is dwopple has syndrim and locked the rosters for 3 league teams w/ multiple months left in the season so ripitish had to vs lb w/ 7 players some games because a few ppl quit or sum1 lagged or sum1 was on vacation and we cudnt replace them

    If u want to separate basing and dueling then fine, but even a 13 person roster for 3 league teams is good, just don't lock rosters with 2 months left in the season

    For example, r1p1t1sh is a 3 league squidrin with 13 players ready to triple crown. 3 players are going to miss a week, we are allowed to make 1-2 roster transactions per week with someone not on another twl roster

    i came up with this simple roster maneuver thought in literally .001 seconds while typing, surely dwopple won't need to write another 423423423423 word legal document to restrict roster movement that requires top tier lawyer to decipher and instead allow teams 1-2 weekly transactions to replace absent players so that teams can manage people leaving or missing games for whatever reason as opposed to punishing them for things out of their control

    in conclusion:

    for 1 league dueling teams: 7 players
    for wb/jav combined: 8 players
    for 3 league teams: 13 players

    and if this allows for more twl teams then gr8, but i understand that cud b difficult trying to combine twdt/twl at once

    sry to annoy twl ops w/ this

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    Agreed current proposed roster limits could be further restricted. Tieing roster limits to league # of leagues played could work if ops are willing to be strict on which squads are contenders in their respective leagues vs a squad participating for the extra roster space.
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      making roster limits tighter is fine, but that might go along best with an increase in total teams to 8

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        Originally posted by Zeebu View Post
        making roster limits tighter is fine, but that might go along best with an increase in total teams to 8
        This would require 8 teams to form. Are there even 8 active squads in TWD right now?

        Making things even more restrictive seems ridiculous to me. This game doesn't have enough active players week to week to do so as it is. If a dueling squad with only 7 or 8 players allowed has a few who work on Sunday or go on vacation or something, suddenly they have to forfeit. Restricting squads in 2022 instead of people self-regulating themselves is some retail middle-management shit. If the community can't organize themselves in such a way as to make the league viable, then the league shouldn't exist. People who would rather win at all costs over the integrity of the league and having competition are a problem that needs to be addressed, but not by ruining the game for everyone else as well.
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          Yeah, I dont get all the talk about raising teams to 8. There are exactly 2 stacked teams atm which will make finals in dueling around 95% and base around 80% of the time.
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              just gonna chirp chirp on this one (upon putting together rosters for TWL)

              12 for basing, an 8 player league, and 13 for dueling (5 players leagues) makes 0 sense.
              It clearly favors some people who already had their rosters put together lols.
              Each individually dueling league 'should' be limited to 7-8 players. combining for net 13 is nut considering how many players play both leagues.
              This is how evil manages to have essentially 2 complete TWLD and TWLJ lines, and Rapid at one point was in a similar position (still probably is with 2 TWLJ lines)
              Wouldn't it be way more fun to have ~8-10 TWL wb/jav squads rather than 6?????

              Anyway...just a recommendation going forward....
              each league needs individual rosters
              (and really each league could be individually drafted, no star cap [yes im mixing leagues now but whatever --- individual drafts per league with no star cap would result in highest competitive zone and most people playing - would be dooppeeeeeee)

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