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    TWL rosters will be frozen every Friday 11:59 PM EST/EDT, unless otherwise stated, and will be unfrozen every Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of the TWL season until the hard lock. Captains may submit their league roster changes by contacting TWL operators.

    I am posting all TWL rosters here for the duration of this season.

    Evil Dueling Roster --- RaCka, Zidane, Absurd, Beam, Cape, Hellkite, Kado, Lockdown, Mythril, Ogron, Iron Survivor, Tiny, Ease

    Rapid Dueling Roster --- Saiyan, Vys, Commodo, Rough, Morph, Jz, Sprackle, Temujin, Violence, Bacon, Best, Strong, Siaxis

    Rocket Dueling Roster --- Warrior, Booker007, Rylo, 100, Aselsan, Exalt, Genx, Riverside, Rojo, Spectacular, Kassius, Rampage, Draft

    Divine Dueling Roster --- Flew, Aprix, Ardour, Bikey_Boy, Clark Kentaro, Dare, Dak, Product, Mikkiz2.0 (Mikkiz), Tripin, Zapata, BugySwartz, Paky Dude

    Ram Ranch Dueling Roster --- Uprise, Props, Zizu, Banks, Frozen Throne, MVP, Tj Hazuki, JURA55IC (Jurassic), Skatarius, Spirit, Steadman, Steadmin (Hulk)

    Flapperz Dueling Roster --- Dreamwin, Stayon, Maketso, Roiwerk, Hellzno!, Turban, Cripple, Jack, Fahrenheit, Aggi, Mongrel, Creature

    Evil Basing Roster --- Sarger, Zidane, Absurd, Cape, Hellkite, Beam, Lockdown, Mouse, Mythril, Ogron, RaCka, Ease

    Rapid Basing Roster --- Mikkiz, Commodo, Hulk, Morph, Sprackle, Saiyan, Jurassic, Brethal, Kess, Rough, Bombed, Vys

    Divine Basing Roster --- GenX, Public Assassin, Rasaq, Jackie>, Ardour, Iron_Man (Iron Survivor), Zapata, Dare, Omega Red, Tripin, Aprix, Mikkiz3.0 (Maketso)

    Ram Ranch Basing Roster --- Zizu, Joeses, Markmrw, Frozen Throne, Banks, Tj Hazuki, MVP, Skatarius, Byakko (Turban), Steadman, Rucci

    Flapperz Basing Roster --- Heaven, Willby, Dwopple, Cig Smoke, Cripple, Stayon, Dreamwin, Renzi, Aggi, Groan, Jack, Creature
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