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  • TWL Postponed

    AGAIN. Stupid server recycle. This should be week 8.
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    Not Happy

    Oh trust me, I'm not happy at all about this. And to consider this is my first weekend actually in charge. =\ Oh well. Things happen and you can't stop them. I suppose I just have to wait and see what happens.

    Lots of love,


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      Well lets just see what happened...

      Server recycle

      Games Cancelled

      Server comes back online

      Games resumed with a caveat

      People get screwed out of anything resembling a fair gaming weekend

      ... as you can clearly see there was some poor decision making here. If you cancel the matches, cancel them. Do not decided to just hop this thing back into gear and expect things to run smoothly. Postponements? They should have never been a consideration. Yes this league has been delayed for two weeks now due to some trivial matters. A server recycle should be listed as an 'Uncontrollable' and by default cancel the matches.
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